Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prince Ends Presidential Run

According to the German media and his own website Prince Radu Duda of Romania has ended his bid to be the next President of the Romanian republic. Despite the endorsement of his father-in-law King Michael the Prince has attributed his decision to a lack of popular support for his campaign. According to polls no more than 12% of Romanians at most favored his effort to be their next president. Most people could see this coming and the real mystery is why he ever thought he had a chance in the first place with even many proud, patriotic monarchists having little enthusiasm for him. I can only see the little episode as damaging to the monarchial cause in Romania which would benefit greatly from a restoration under King Michael who is truly an able and admirable man. I am afriad this has hurt the RF's public image and leaves me rather gloomy as to the prospects under the next generation of royal leaders.

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