Monday, September 7, 2009

Mad Rant: Roots of Revolution I

The roots of revolutionary republicanism run deep. Like a plague engulfing the world they have spread their poison from one outbreak to infect nations across the globe and each out break can be traced back to a point of origin that itself can be traced back over vast amounts of time and distance. The most recent outbreak that has infected modern times and continues to spread its poison around the world began in Russia with the overthrow of the Russian Empire by the Bolsheviks and the subsequent creation of the Soviet Union.

One of the first major mistakes people make is to assume that communism and socialism are two different things when in fact they are both simply different stages in the evolution of the revolutionary program. Not everyone might be aware of just how communist many countries today, even monarchies, are which claim to be “merely” socialist rather than communists. How many are aware that it was the Bolsheviks who first legalized homosexuality and gay “marriage”? The supposedly tame socialist parties have been pushing this same agenda across Europe in many monarchies. It was also the Bolsheviks who first pledged to “liberate” women from their traditional roles of being wives and mothers. Sound familiar? They have always been the avowed enemies of tradition; particularly traditional authority as represented by monarchy and religion. And, they are internationalists.

From Soviet Russia and the regicide of Tsar Nicholas II the Bolsheviks spread into Mongolia and saw the overthrow of the Bogd Khan. Next, China, where even though the monarchy had been officially gone for several years it was a communist warlord who expelled the last Emperor from the Forbidden City in 1924. After World War II the communists had their big chance and extended their rule on all fronts which meant the end of the Kings of Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania as well as the consolidation of communist rule in China. They took northern Korea, overthrew the last Emperor of Vietnam and eventually expanded across the whole of that country as well as Laos, Cambodia, Angola, Mozambique and Cuba.

However, if anyone thinks that the end of the “Cold War” meant the end of the communist threat they are sorely mistaken. Their campaign continues to this day, and often successfully, under the guise of the many socialist governments that hold power across a far more vast collection of nations that the communist Soviets or Maoists ever could. They have pushed the same agenda everywhere and it all points in the same revolutionary direction; redistribution of wealth which is inherently at odds with the very principle of a hierarchical society and inherited rights. Even in socialist societies that have retained their monarchies they have been reduced to powerless figureheads, still of symbolic importance and even then the efforts to remove them never cease. That is because each side represents something inherently in conflict with the other. As the socialists push their agenda traditional values are destroyed, the monarch is made powerless, respect for the monarchy is reduced further and further until they are removed altogether. This is why there is no country in the world in which monarchists can afford to be complacent no matter how outwardly stable things seem to be.


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  2. Not just that socialism and communism are the same. The apathy toward religion and tradition shown by modern liberalism in the form of the 20th century secularism indicates that it derived from the same womb with the first two. Liberalism, communism, and socialism are the three gorgons; a plague that should be eradicated completely. The simplest way to see this truth; all three of them teach human to estrange God and embrace worldly pleasures (hedonism, materialism, etc). Religion teaches us to put our duties before our right, but these three are so preoccupied with fulfilling rights; they care not of the duties they should do. Duties define humanity, not rights. Several modern behaviours such as envy toward the rich, hedonism of the rich, radicalism of the poor, rebellion toward God and authority, permissiveness of sins, etc are all the result of prioritizing rights before duties.

  3. Liberalism is the drive to destroy what is ancient to set up something new -an arrogant tyranny of the eternal present. Socialism is merely communism that has not yet grown to full strength. You are definitely getting where I am going on this, though it may take a couple more posts for me to get there.

  4. I feel that you are somewhat simplifying things by stating that the current republican revolutionary trend began in 1917. I would generally place it in 1789 with the commencement of the French Revolution, and one might even be able to argue even further back the English experiment with Oliver Cromwell (though in that case, the Parliament was only too happy to have the monarchy back, and to be honest, I'd say the people were too).

    But putting issues of historical semantics aside (for certainly, the Russian Revolution was a quite pivotal moment in history), I feel that we have perhaps reached the high water-mark of republicanism. Consider that of all the nations who overthrew their monarchies and proclaimed republics, how many have been affirmed by a vote? The only answer that comes to mind is Italy, and even then, it's a rather dubious result.

    And also consider the false promises of democracy - it's hardly a good freedom if the choice you are free to exercise is between bad and worse.

    As more and more people begin to realise that the cosy promises of Marx, Engels, Paine and Robespierre are nothing more than empty words, the tide shall swing in our favour. Our task now is to ensure that this Great Interregnum be as short as possible. We must argue our case, show up the lying usurpers for the hypocrites they are, and take advantage of the changing fortune to regain lost ground.

    So, I say let us throw them back into the sea from whence they came. Onwards, for God and our Kings!

  5. Oh, I am simplifying nothing, you all are just getting ahead of me. As I said, the roots of revolution run deep and as the numeral "I" indicates I will be continuing this discourse, tracing those roots back even further in my next posts on the subject. You are absolutely right though, and as I said to the previous commentator, I think you will find your points addressed in "Roots of Revolution II". So, be patient with your resident mad man, the rest will be coming soon 8-o

  6. An additional point: I think it is safe to say when this little mini-series is finished you will hard-pressed to find any way I could possibly go farther back than I intend to lol.

  7. So you intend to give Lucifer a good hiding for daring to challenge God?

    I kid, I kid. In fact, I expected that you would cover the French Revolution at some point (I just felt it was so important, since every revolution since has generally tried to mimic it, and usually succeeds only in replicating the slaughter). I await it with eager anticipation.

  8. Well, you're not far off my friend...


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