Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Milestone Reached

Checking the numbers today I am glad to report that with 51 followers and 74 subscribers the total number of listed members has reached 125 since moving to the present location! I would, of course, prefer the two numbers were the same but it is much better than I had expected since the yahoo! to google crossover didn't work so well and so many of the old followers from yahoo! haven't been able to post. There's also been nearly 4,000 page hits thus far so I cannot complain there. Once again, my thanks to all followers, subscribers and casual readers alike for 'embracing their nutty side' here with The Mad Monarchist. You're only encouraging me ...... 8-o


  1. Thanks, and thank you for being a regular commentator. I often have people tell me "I love your blog", and I ask, 'why don't you leave a comment?' and I hear, 'oh, I never know what to say' or something like that. Of course that never stops me! But anyway, it's nice to have feedback so a special thanks to you and the other commentators.

  2. Contratulations on writing such an entertaining and informative Aetheric Journal. May you acquire many more followers.

  3. Thank you, too, for being a regular commentator on my blogs.


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