Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mad Rant: Roots of Revolution III

In terms of modern revolutionary republicanism we have seen the Bolsheviks set communism/socialism loose on the world in our own time and how all of their political roots trace back to the great horror of modern European history; the French Revolution. Yet, an argument can be made that the French Revolution would not have happened without the example of the American Revolution still so fresh in their minds. There is certainly some truth to this and it is certainly true that the American rebels would not have been successful without the support of the Kingdom of France. However, the French economy was in hard shape even before they broke the bank backing American separatists and the radical revolutionary elements in the American colonies were inspired by the philosophes of Europe; not the other way around. One could also make a strong case that the American War for Independence would not have happened had the British not won the earlier French and Indian War.

The Americans were driven by a growing strain of liberalism in their own English-speaking tradition which went back to the Revolution of 1688 when Parliament asserted dominance over the monarchy and hereditary succession, back to the English Civil War which saw the overthrow and regicide of King Charles the Martyr and even that act; putting a monarch on trial with the result of regicide, had already been done in England with the execution of Mary Queen of Scots. All of these were examples of chipping away at the sacred nature of the monarchy. And, just as some monarchs on the island of Britain were unwittingly complicit in this, so too were some French monarchs on the continent. What was it then that was finally at the root of this creeping disease that put it in the hearts of men to rise against traditional authority?

It was, of course, a combination of things on the part of monarchs and governments but at heart it was a spiritual disease. What was this sickness that saw itself manifested in Queen Elizabeth I having Mary Queen of Scots beheaded or King Louis XIV of France laughing off the pleas and warnings of St Margaret Marie Alacoque? It was overall a failure to recognize the dangerous venom that was revolution. A failure to recognize the true, eternal and global enemy of humanity. What exactly is it that causes “revolutionism” to flourish? What are the weapons used to lure people into the revolutionary camp? There were coups, changes of dynasty and changes of rule in the past that had not gone to the extent of revolutionary republicanism. So what was it, and what is it, essentially that has been driving this whole movement?

It is the evil which causes someone to look at a monarch and hate him because he is more exalted than they are. It is the evil which causes someone to desire for themselves the highest place and the arrogance to seize power to be the sole master of their own universe. In short, it is evil personified. It is the same evil which the Holy Prophet Isaiah spoke of when he quoted, “and thou didst say in thy heart, ‘I will exalt my throne above the stars of Heaven…I will ascend above the heights of the clouds and I will be like the All Highest”.

Yes, it is the same, exactly the same, the same disease that has been creeping through the world even before the dawn of existence. It is the coveting of power and position, the arrogance and the willful desire to bow to no one which caused a third of the stars to fall from the heavens. The same spirit which says everyone should be their own monarch and which had said to the ancestors of humanity, do this and ‘you will be like gods’. We see it manifested the revolutionary goals of today, lowering all of humanity to the level of the beasts, allowing no distinctions between subject and sovereign, between moral and immoral, between male and female even between humanity and the animals in extreme cases being enacted today.

And it is the same all over the world. The “Divine Sage” of the Far East, Confucius, spoke of harmony coming from the mastery of five relationships: emperor-subject, husband-wife, parents-children, older siblings-younger siblings and friend-friend. How many of these have been destroyed or are imperiled even today by the revolutionary movement? Monarchs are gone or under threat of extinction, husbands and wives can easily divorce or even have husbands and husbands and wives and wives. Children can divorce their parents as well and the revolutionary governments want to raise the little ones themselves. They want us to all be envious in order to tear down the established order but they also want us to all be the same, a uniform, cultureless, tradition-less population of sheep, fuel for their own system, mindless, nameless automatons who will serve the all powerful government and think no more of ourselves than they do; so many vermin to run in place, spinning the wheels that keep the government machine running.

This is the “big picture”, this is the enemy, the root of the evil that has been bedeviling humanity since the dawn of time and continues to weave its insidious web to this very day. It’s all part of the same thing. The same trends, the same themes, the same goals then as now. That is the way I see it, that is why I support who I do and oppose who I do and that is the end of this little 3-part rant. And, I am, as ever, The Mad Monarchist.


  1. An excellent set of posts on Revolutions, and I quiet Concur with the bulk of it. Well said and well written.

  2. You stop too soon, sir. The revolution of 1688 would never have occurred without the example of Henry VIII "overthrowing" the Pope. and that would have itself been unthinkable without the Reformation of Martin Luther.

  3. I simply confined myself to specifically political events. I have my own religious beliefs, never made a secret of them, but it is not my goal to needlessly antagonize anyone. I try to stick with what unites all traditional, religious monarchists. On that whole issue I am content to let anyone contemplate the roots and the modern fruits of the Church of England and judge for themselves.


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