Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Harry!

HRH Prince Henry of Wales celebrates his 25th birthday today. He has had a bit of a controversial reputation over the years but his late mother warned us from day one that the "spare" was the wild one of the pair. I also give Prince Harry alot of credit for his military service. While politicians cast votes sending the sons and daughters of others off to war Prince Harry was one of those who went, put his backside in the line of fire and roughed it with everyone else while most of the offspring of the elites would have none of it. Say what you will about him the Prince has served in the hardest occupation in the world with no special treatment because his grandmother happens to be the Queen. The Mad Monarchist joins all the loyalists of Britain and the Commonwealth in wishing Prince Harry a happy birthday.


  1. Woops! Thanks for the tip, it's fixed now.

  2. I wish the Prince all the best. It's a pity the late Diana clashed with the royal family as she did, but she certainly had alot of charisma, and her sons seem to have inherited a good measure of it, which I hope will help the monarchy in the years to come.

  3. They have done alot of good that it seems is often forgotten whenever they do something that might raise an eyebrow. I was not a big fan of Diana, however she also did alot of good for alot of people and no one can dispute that. Her death is still one of those moments that I still (and likely always will) remember where I was when first I heard.


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