Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MM Video: Monarchs of Modern France



    Any chance of a profile on either of the 2 great French Regents

    Anne de France or Louise de Savoie ?

  2. I'm sure I will get to them eventually but they are not on my immediate agenda (I've just had a look) but there will be profiles of several more of the great French monarchists in the not-to-distant future. Hailing from an area where the lillies of France still fly in many areas I cannot help but have a strong attachment to the ancien regime. Vive l'Roi!

  3. Great- as always. But, I just wondered, why "modern" France? I guess it depends on what you consider modern, but alot of these monarchs seemed to come from ages past.

  4. Well, in some of these videos it can be hard of knowing where to draw the line so I started with Charles II who was the first independent ruler of the "West Franks" or what we would know today as France rather than some other areas of the Frankish empire more associated with Germany today. So, modern France was used to try to distinguish the area roughly the same as the France of today.

  5. Anne de France or Madame la Regent once said that 'La France' was the greatest surname anyone could hold .She always signed herself as Anne d'France

    She looks very much like her father,Louis XI in this portrait


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