Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mad Rant: Anglicans Changin' Their Religion

I'll admit I must have missed the significance of this story when it first came out, but everyone seems to be talking about it, most in a negative way. I am speaking of course of HH Pope Benedict XVI taking matters in hand to allow for easy entry of disgruntled Anglicans seeking reunion with the Church of Rome. Most of the media coverage of this event has tried to portray Benedict XVI as some sort of papal spider luring Anglican flies into his web, promising the protection of their Anglican rituals as his siren call. Needless to say, I take a very different view and from the quarters these protests are coming from it is clearly the frustrated cry of those who see it as yet another sign that liberalism has ruined the Anglican communion. The Pope is trying to make the transition go as well as possible and the only Catholics who are upset about it are the radical liberals who don't want more traditional, serious Christians to interfere with their efforts to turn Catholicism into Woodstock with communion.

There is also a tie-in with monarchy here. As everyone knows, the Anglican communion comes from the Church of England, born by royal command, and of which the British monarch is still supreme governor. We also know from a recent story that HM Queen Elizabeth II is not too pleased with the state of Anglicanism today; which should probably not surprise anyone. Some even tried to suggest that the Queen was leaning in the Catholic direction. All I can say to that is, don't let's be silly. The Queen is a very sincere and committed Protestant who would never think of 'going Roman' I think I can safely assure everyone. However, this points to a larger problem and yet another example of why no monarchists, even in as safely monarchial a country as the UK, can afford to be complacent. The problem is that the Queen does not actually govern the church of which she is governor. Only in Britain...

There is no doubt in my mind that the C of E would not be in such terrible condition today if the Queen was actually in charge. Officially she is of course, but like virtually all of her powers it is actually the Prime Minister that makes the decisions. So, we have, to my mind, the rather ridiculous situation of a political hack appointing bishops. Politicians have screwed up the Church of England just as they tend to do virtually everything they touch. I don't think any British monarch would approve of the religious situation in the Anglican communion as it stands today. Can you imagine what Queen Victoria would think of women priests and gay bishops? Safe to say she would not be amused. However, Catholics can also take a lesson at the problems Anglicans are having and refute those arguing for many of the same things. Fortunately for Catholics, and any Christians who think the Bible actually carries some weight, Benedict XVI will not be listening to any of that sort anyway. This last week did witness the first Tridentine-rite high mass in the Vatican in 40 years, only the latest of my lapsed traditions that the much more monarchial Benedict has revived in the Catholic Church. As this is a pan-monarchist blog, not a place for religious arguments I will keep my specific opinions to myself except to say that I always prefer those who are true to their traditions. If you're going to be Catholic, be Catholic! If you're going to be an Anglican, be William Laud! Call me a purist that way I guess. Or, just call me ... The Mad Monarchist.


  1. I want to comment on this story badly btu my thiughts race. I will come back, btu will say this; The Prime Minister is only a problem for the Church of England. Other nglican PRovences went liberal on their own.

  2. I wish some of the headlines had been worded better. Something like, catholic church to welcome Anglicans.

  3. The media elites could never be that honest. They want to imply conflict and under-handed deeds, both to sell papers and to encourage hard feelings. They don't like Christians (at least those who mean it) at all and so consider it so much the better for them if Christians can tear down one another.


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