Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is Only a Test


  1. Well, I am maybe not as pan of a pan-monarchist as I thought---I got no clue who that is in the photo. Could you reveal the answer to the test in the combox?

  2. That is "Citizen Aisin-Gioro Pu-Yi" formerly the Emperor of China, with his last wife (who was a communist party member -the marriage was arranged by Mao himself) standing in front of the Tianenmen Gate to the Imperial City with of course the monumental portrait of Chairman Mao prominently displayed. It sums up, I think the tragedy of all that had happened in the preceding decades, "how the mighty have fallen" and all that. Imagine, having to buy a ticket to go to your own home, where you had grown up and seeing a massive picture of the man who had taken it all from you hanging over the front door. The first time I saw it ... ugh ... just, -blood boiling!


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