Thursday, October 29, 2009

Et tu Obama?

Just when you thought that the glorification of "the One" could reach no more absurd depths an Obama appointee, one Rocco Landesman, now Director of the National Endowment for the Arts, has compared the President to someone held by many (including Alexander Hamilton) to be the greatest man who ever lived; Julius Caesar. To quote the new artsy moron-in-chief, "Barack Obama is the most powerful writer since Julius Caesar". Fellow faithful, I am aghast. Just when you think you've heard it all someone compares the President to Julius Caesar, forefather of that masterpiece of ancient civilization the Roman Empire. Just to be clear about the record here, Obama rose to office in Illinois mostly by legal tricks that got his competition thrown out, was a junior senator yet to finish his term in office, most known for his multitude of "present" votes before being elected President. Since taking office, with a commanding majority in the House and Senate Obama has accomplished nothing, lived up to none of his promises and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for basically doing --nothing! Compare that to the accomplishments of Julius Caesar who conquered what is now France, Holland, Belgium, western Germany, led two expeditions into Britain, defeated the armies of Pompey in the Roman Civil War and was prepared to embark on further expansion to the east when he was murdered. However, the awed but noble Romans of ancient times still had more integrity than Obama's modern sycophants. They at least waited until after Caesar was dead to declare him a god whereas Obama, poster-boy of the "me" generation must have all of his accolades now, whether he has earned them or not.


  1. Indeed, when will the seemingly endless media love ever end?

  2. Obama's endless accolades are simply the result of his cult of personality, and certainly reflect more the idea Obama has coem to represent, more htan the man and his reality.

    People are still caught up in the dream, the fantacy, but I'd not let it worry you. Accordign to latest polls, even Democrats are becomign Disillusione dby him. By this time next year, his Divinity will have expired.

  3. I hope you are right, but I think too many are too invested in his divinity at this point for him to ever be made mortal again. Because of the "historic" nature of his presidency, he could be the worst ever and the revolutionary elites in the colleges will still see to it he is remembered as one of the greatest ever. He will not be the first, there have been other very flawed characters who, by a combination of politics and pc-hammering have assumed a godlike reputation after their passing. And to think, this is the same country that forced the Emperor of Japan to admit he was not divine. I guess you're just not supposed to be so open about it...

  4. He will be remembered, by leftists, as Great simply for being the First Black president and brazenly liberal, but lets come to our senses. He can't maintain his godlike image, or even the lesser messianic image he fostered in the elections, because simply put he isnot really going to live up to the hype. The left is already angry wiht him over continuing Bush Policies, many of which he denounced as a Candidate, and for his backign down on Health Care reform, and for his not accomplishing much econimic centrilisation, and for his lack of real progress in the Gay Rights sector.

    They will see him as Great, yes, but they will tone down their own claims as he fails them, as leftests always do. They have a tendancy to turn on their own.

    Conservatives, who comprise a larger segment of society in the US, already reject him.

    Its just a matter of time.


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