Friday, October 9, 2009

Prince of Bourbon-Parma to Marry

Like father like son, HRH Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma is set to wed the Dutch journalist Annemarie Cecilia Gaultherie van Weezel. The Prince is the son of the Duke of Parma and his ex-wife Princess Irene of the Netherlands. The family has said that the wedding will be held next year according to the Bourbon-Parma family. Hopefully this marriage by the Bourbon-Parma to a common Dutch lady will be more successful than the previous marriage between the Bourbon-Parma house and the Dutch Royal Family.

1 comment:

  1. So is Prince Carlos loyal to the Reactionary Carlist ideals? Felipe VI is married to a divorced woman right? That marriage cannot be valid under Church law and therefore the children cannot be legitimate heirs can they? Therefore the Carlists can only be the valid claimants right? Or do I misunderstand?


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