Friday, October 9, 2009

Mad Rant: The Deification of Obama

Sorry to subject everyone to another rant so quickly but I could not let this pass. When first I heard I thought it must have been some sort of joke, but no, our secular American messiah, "The One" Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What exactly has he done to earn this supposed honor no one can really say. He's been president for less than a year, the decision was made some time ago, he has not negotiated any treaties, he has not ended any wars nor has he brought any opposing factions together. This is the man who, when running for office threatened to invade Pakistan! He also promised to get the US out of Iraq (not done), win the war in Afghanistan (not done) close the prison at Guantanamo Bay (not done) but, perhaps they are going solely by his abandonment of eastern Europe to Russia, his kid-gloves approach to Iran, kissing up to brutal dictators in China, Venezuela and Central America and his shunning of the Dalai Lama.

It is, however, his lack of any accomplishments rather than simply stupid decisions which most confounds me about this. It is certainly not because I consider it unheard of that the Nobel Prize could be awarded to someone unjustly. For instance, when it comes to US Presidents who have won the Nobel Peace Prize I'm sure Obama would consider himself in good company. President Teddy Roosevelt (Republican) won it for negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese War. For those who don't remember Teddy Roosevelt is the guy who came to fame as a leader in the Spanish-American War in which the US picked a fight with Spain and grabbed Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. He's the guy who built the "Great White Fleet", invented "big stick" diplomacy and was probably the leading war hawk in 1914 pushing for US intervention in World War I. The next presidential winner was Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) in 1919 for his leadership in bringing peace at the end of World War I. Just to refresh, Wilson was the guy who, before getting involved in WW1 to "make the world safe for democracy" invaded numerous Caribbean and Latin American countries and then helped engineer the post-war world which led only a couple decades later to World War II. The next US President to win the prize was Jimmy Carter (Democrat) who was the guy who sold the Shah of Iran down the river, allowed terrorists to gain control of an established country and sat back and did nothing while US citizens were held hostage in Tehran. Then there was Vice-President and Presidential pretender Al Gore who won the prize for a slide show which said the environment was going to kill us all if we did not all buy carbon credits and wind mills which he just happened to be heavily invested in and set to make millions from. Now we have President Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat, mmm, mmm, mmm) who has won for -what? Promising to be nicer to Muslims? Making friends with communist dictators? Again though, nothing should surprise anyone considering that the Nobel Peace Prize was once given to the open and avowed terrorist Yasser Arafat. Looking back on that list at least, the prize committee does seem to be remaining consistent. Nonetheless, I remain the digusted, the disgruntled and ... The Mad Monarchist.


  1. Perhaps Motor Trend will name Barack Obama the "Car of the Year."

    Our secretary brought doughnuts to work for the office staff on Monday. Perhaps she will be eligble for a Nobel Prize, I'll have to make some phone calls.

  2. I thought I was hearing things on the morning news talk radio while driving to work.
    There are news commentators saying it's too soon.
    Exactly what has he done?

  3. I'm afraid your secretary is out of luck great jefe -doughnuts are unhealthy after all and will probably soon be taxed. Maybe if she brought some granola bars or a bowl of bowel-bran for everyone chances would be better.

    Elisa, what has he done? Well, true, last past winners he has not waged any aggressive wars, contributed to the overthrow of legitimate governments or made a movie about people killing the planet but maybe they are assuming that he will. He has sucked up to many leftist dictators around the world which seemed to work for Jimmy Carter though even he had to wait a lot longer for it. This is simply the leftist elite of Europe rewarding someone who shares their view that western civilization should be destroyed.

  4. I think it is telling that the prize was awarded for his vision, and not for any practical efforts on the part of Mr Obama.

    Honestly, the Nobel Prizes (outside the realms of Science - within that dominion, some semblance of achievement is required) are an utter joke. Poor Alfred Nobel must be rolling in his grave. I even heard that the panel that awards the Nobel Prize for Literature would prefer an Asian Lesbian simply because she's Asian, female, and homosexual, and be damned at her work (and, I'm sure you'll understand, that article was hardly too kind to the Literature Prize).

  5. Lets face reality. Obama had not been president for 10 months, so hadn't even had time to kiss up to left wing dictators. At the latest, He coul have been nominated on Feburary 1st, only 11 days after placign his hand n the Bible to become PResident.

    More likely, he was nominated for this shortly after winning the election in November, and he owes his Award tot he vision of Greatness he projected, and to the fact that the Europans were spld on hatred of Bush. Obama was seen as the greatest president America ever had, even though he was just President-Elect. (And not really PResident-Elect until December, when the Electoral College convened.)

    This, plus beign black and promising world uniy and peace got hin he award. They awarded a fantasy, not the reality.

  6. As far as US Presidents go it does seem to be a Democrats (liberals) only club. Of course the administration was quick to point out that Teddy Roosevelt won it, who was a Republican, but that must be remembered in context. Teddy was a very liberal progressive figure who served during a time when the US was essentially a single-party state. Due to the restrictions placed on the deep south Republicans won every presidential election from the time of Lincoln to Woodrow Wilson. It is a joke. Even liberals have been largely bewildered by it and most others have just been laughing about how blatantly obvious the whole thing is.

  7. I wonder who the next Luminary will be to win. After Obama, I half expect David Letterman to win because of his Sexcapares with Staffers. hey. its mrie than Barrack did to win.

    Maybe other such Luminaries such as Hugo CHavez, for his bold reinvigoraiton of the Venuzualan Economy? Maybe Zelaya, for his attemt to defend the Democratic Ideal in Honduras? Perhaps we shoudl give the enxt prize to Fidel Castro, for his decades of wise and benevolent rule over Cuba.

    Maybe the next Nobel Prize can go to Zimbabwean President Mugabe, for his tireless effortd to brign about a true civilisation, away form the cruel and oppressive COlonial British rule.

    Oh, I know, we all Love CHina now, so lets give the Communist Chinese CHairman, whose name eludes me, the Prize for his work in brgnign freedom and civil rights to hsi country!

    They all seem to fall in line wiht the Nobel Commitees thinking.


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