Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy St Dymphna Day

Today the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St Dymphna, patroness of those suffering from nervous and mental illnesses. She is also a member of the select club of "royal saints" being an Irish princess. She was martyred at Gheel, near Antwerp, Belgium.


  1. I have always been fascinated by her story.

  2. She's an important one to me, though the times when I probably needed her the most I had never heard of her.

  3. Is that the old picture of her that you said before you were framing?

    I like it, it's different and her eyes are very strong not vapid as in some depictions.

    I keep a similar type holy card of her on the refrigerator to keep my food from getting nervous - joking here - actually she is presiding over the address of a person who could benefit from her help.

    Now i can't find the picture of her i was framing then! It'll turn up by St Anthony's Day, no doubt, as I asked him to find everything I have lost that i need to find...

    In reality, I believe mental health problems are simply the result of demon-infestation.
    How's that for a radical viewpoint?
    St Dymphna is a nice one to ask where other Saints may be tougher.

    Today most of the American population suffers from some sort of demon or bad spirit or multiple ones [hence: multiple personality disorders, for one example] affecting their judgment. Hence, they are frenetially opposed to monarchies among other indications of working on the wrong side of the fence...!

    St Dymphna, if appealed to, can maybe work together with St Michael the Archangel to remove and extract such malign influences from whole groups of people as well as individuals.
    There's always St Gerard Majella too to ask in this regard


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