Saturday, May 15, 2010

Royal News Roundup

Starting in the Far East, Her (Adorable) Imperial Highness Princess Aiko has had some more problems recently. Readers will remember some time back she was pulled out of school because of bullying problems, well, someone has done worse than that it seems. On Wednesday a 26-yr-old man was arrested for making an on-line threat against the Princess’ life. He reportedly threatened to ‘smash her head with a hammer’. I hope the guilty party will be punished to the full extent of the law. No doubt Japanese authorities are on even higher alert on this subject given the media frenzy over a number of horrific mass murders in schools in Communist China where killers have rampaged with hammers, knives and other such objects (no private gun ownership in China -doesn’t stop the killing people!) which I am sure was on the mind of everyone in Japan.

In Europe, HM King Juan Carlos of Spain was taken to hospital this week for surgery to remove a benign lesion on his lung. The King of Spain is 72 and was once known as a heavy smoker (loved them Cuban cigars) but has not been seen lighting up in recent years. The King was released on Tuesday, everything having gone fine and with nothing but compliments for the state health system. That same day the Sultan of Brunei brought his son Prince Abdul Mateen to the famous British military academy at Sandhurst for training. The prince is fifth in line to the throne of the absolute monarchy of Brunei and the Sultan himself once attended Sandhurst as have many other royals from many nations around the world. HH Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up a visit to Portugal, focused around the shrine at Fatima where three shepherd children saw a vision of the Virgin Mary during World War I. The Pope presented a Golden Rose to the shrine, spoke about the centrality of the Virgin, the importance of the Rosary and the need for a staunch defense of traditional family values. Record crowds attended the papal events. Also this week, as has been mentioned below, HM Queen Elizabeth II accepted the resignation of Gordon Brown and appointed Conservative Party leader David Cameron Prime Minister. It has been reported that Cameron is a natural descendant of King William IV.

In America HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was a big hit in Seattle, Washington for “Sweden Week” where she filled in for her sister Princess Madeleine. The Crown Princess was a big hit, impressing everyone with her intelligence, knowledge and good humor. Among other events she toured Swedish Medical Center’s cancer ward for children where staff members gave her a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “I Love Swedish Babies” -which is perfectly true the Princess told them. Later she also toured a Swedish School and attended the “Arctic Summer” fashion show at the Nordic Heritage Museum which featured clothing from designers across Scandinavia. In another interview the Crown Princess confessed that she and her husband-to-be are impatient to get married but also nervous about all that has to be done concerning the wedding. She said they are very anxious to tie the knot and start a family of her own and that she is totally committed to serving Sweden.

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