Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Fergie, Fergie, Fergie

Today Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is supposed to be on her way to Los Angeles, California to "accept an award for her charity work". Rather ironic considering that it has just come out that "Fergie"was caught on tape accepting a $57,000 downpayment of a whopping $720,000 bribe to buy access to her husband, HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York. You can read the details at the link provided but I would just like to say that I've never been a very big fan of Fergie but this surprised even me. I wonder what all of those who think HM the Queen was cold and unkind toward Fergie are thinking now? Perhaps Her Majesty is a better judge of character than most would like to believe.


  1. Your last phrase is very true, in my opinion. Monarchs, who have been all their lives surrounded by people who want to gain something from them, are probably good judges of character. I remember reading the biography of Queen SofĂ­a of Spain ("La Reina", by Pilar Urbano, which was published around 1996), and both the Queen and King Juan Carlos said that he was a great judge of character, that he immediately knew who was real and who was fake.


  2. On the subject of public appearances, the Duchess will be in Washington, DC next month. She's scheduled to be a speaker for a book event during the annual American Library Assoc. (ALA) Conference.

  3. Queen Elizabeth II has the benefit of many years and hard earned experience. I am sure the King of Spain has similar qualities, being very much a graduate of the 'school of hard knocks'. As he progressed from exiled expat to Franco's heir to King of Spain he has had alot of dealings with alot of very different sorts of characters.


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