Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Religious Cooperation

On the occasion of Vesakh on the 17th, the holiday honoring key moments in the life of the Buddha, the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue issued a statement stressing areas of common agreement between the Christian and Buddhist communities. The feast will be celebrated in upcoming days, on different days in different predominately Buddhist countries. The statement pointed to areas in which Christians and Buddhists share common values such as environmental conservation, the protection and dignity of all human life in all states of development and the importance of the family unit as the building block of human society. In these days of increasing atheism and secularism (and religious hatred on the part of some) it is good to see and highlight the areas in which major religious groups stand together on natural, traditional morals and values. Buddhist monks offering prayers for aborted babies in Vietnam
The full text of the Message for the Feast of Vesakh from the Holy See website
"Christians and Buddhists Respect Human Life As the Basis of Respect for All Beings"


  1. If I find the whole text I will add the link but so far all the articles I have seen just give exerpts or the highlights of the letter.

  2. There, it should be up now. On seeing the actual message I notice that the respect for life aspect takes pride of place whereas most of the news stories I read emphasized environmentalism as the primary issues. Figures...


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