Saturday, May 29, 2010

Royal News Roundup

A bit of the far north came to the far east last Friday with a visit by HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden to the People’s Republic of China. He met with communist dictator (President) Hu Jintao to strengthen Sino-Swedish ties and the King of Sweden said, presumably with a straight face, that, “China and Sweden have no conflict of fundamental interests despite different national conditions, and good bilateral ties have brought tangible benefits to both peoples”. Yes, cheap junk made in forced labor camps goes to Sweden and, well, really nothing much goes back to China from Sweden other than money. Basic freedoms and individual rights certainly have not been shared. The Kingdom of Sweden (may God forgive them) was the first western country to establish full diplomatic relations with the Chinese communist regime some 60 years ago. In other Swedish royal news, poor Princess Madeleine is having a hard time dealing with the break up with her cheating rat of a former fiance (who else thinks this guy is in dire need of a good ol’fashioned ass whuppin? I know, I’m in a mood today, bear with me). She has had to cancel a number of additional royal engagements while she works through this hard time. My heart, and I’m sure those of all blog followers, go out to the Princess.

In happier royals news, the King of Spain has sufficiently recovered to get back to work. He has had his first meeting with the prime minister and has kept a light-hearted attitude about the whole affair. However, he will still not be traveling abroad for the time being but the Prince and Princess of the Asturias have done quite well filling in for him in that regard. In other happy royals news, this past Monday Prince Feisal of Jordan (brother of King Abdullah II) married Sara Qabbani, a Saudi raised Lebanese lady who works at an organization supporting the on-going peace process that was set up by Prince Feisal. The Mad Monarchist wishes them many years of wedded bliss. Finally, some very happy news indeed from New York City, it was announced that, yesterday morning, HRH Prince Luis Alfonso de Bourbon, Duc d’Anjou (rightly King Louis XX of France to legitimists) and his wife Princess Marie Margaret welcomed twin boys into the world; Prince Luis and Prince Alfonso. They were born by c-section and mother and sons are said to be in “perfect condition”. Heartfelt congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Anjou and the latest additions to the venerable French Royal House.


  1. Hu Jintao barely has any power as dictator. He is a puppet of the national "people's" congress and can only stay in power for a 10 year term. and communist party burecrats hold much more power than him. chinese law also forbids hereditary succesion.

    which is why china and vietnam are described as "Authoritarian" one party states, rather than a "personal dictatorship" like North Korea is.

    anyway, Chinese communism barely resembles anything close to what Karl Marx had envisioned, it cuts corners, as if someone tried to fix an already wrecked car by adding nails into the wheels.

  2. Whichever side of the succession dispute one is on, births are always happy events. God bless the little twins.

  3. Indeed. And, I have some of my people in new York keeping their eyes open so one of the little angels doesn't end up in an iron mask LOL


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