Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Guarding the southern compound against revolutionaries.


  1. Adorable? Cute? Why he's a vicious, bloodthirsty hell hound who strikes fear into all intru...... okay, I guess not. He's a spoiled little dog who I don't think has ever walked anywhere, I have one little niece who carries him everywhere and 'brushes his hair' while the other one reads him story books!

  2. Before anyone gets too alarmed though, his owner is a volunteer fireman -which I'm sure has something to do with his name. Ever since he started that little hobby absolutely *everything* has been about the fire department etc -the rest of us are starting to roll our eyes when even the pup has a "fire" related name.

  3. i thought he was named liked for a certain latex-suited character in a videogame.
    cute dog, anyway.


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