Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mexico, Illegal Immigration and Monarchy

Considering where I live a lot of people have asked my opinion on the recent Arizona illegal immigration controversy. First of all, I love Mexico and have visited the country many times. My most recent visit was last year to attend a bull fight (my usual reason) but I have not been back this year, both for personal reasons and because of the increased violence on the border. I have had to deal with illegal immigrants all my life, and though I’ve had some hair-raising experiences I have never had a problem with them. All that come to my door for help I give food, water, sometimes new shoes to but I don’t let them use the phone or give them a ride anywhere (which would be illegal). Generally I only report those that seem suspicious.

However, the problems associated with illegal immigration and smuggling (human and narcotic) are a plague. Numerous friends, relatives and neighbors have had their homes broken into and robbed, including my grandparents, my sister and even my Dad’s foreman had both homes he stays in during the week broken into and robbed and he is from Mexico -which does not make him anymore tolerant of having things he worked hard for taken from him. Huge brush fires that destroyed hundreds of acres of property have been started because of illegal aliens building fires in the brush, a great deal of money is lost rebuilding fences when smugglers run through them trying to evade the authorities, they leave gates open letting cattle wander out causing accidents on the road and considerable loss in time and money spent rounding them up again. Although thankfully not very common there have also been assaults, rapes and murders, mostly at isolated homes by illegal aliens. Hospitals are in debt along the border for treating aliens who have been snake bit, hit by cars, run over by trains and so on.

Given all of that, and the number of Mexicans who die of the heat, dehydration and starvation trying to cross the border I can certainly understand the frustration of people in Arizona. I do not understand the outrage over increased efforts to enforce laws already on the books nor do I understand the claims of racism. I’m as white as a sheet and every time I come back from the border I have to go through a checkpoint like everyone else and am questioned about my citizenship. I’ve been stopped on the highway numerous times because (I was told) my vehicle matched the description of a vehicle reported to be carrying drugs or illegal aliens or to have been stolen or such thing. If illegal aliens from Mexico are a problem I fail to see anything evil with looking for Mexicans. Any time any crime is committed the first thing the authorities do is put out a description of the suspect; their race, their hair color, what clothes they are wearing and so on.

However, it is also true that nothing short of the most draconian measures possible are going to solve this problem on the part of the United States. The only place this problem can be truly solved is in Mexico and by allowing illegal immigration to continue unchecked the US is only enabling the problem. The primary underlying reason for illegal immigration is that Mexico is a failed state -which is not a racist statement but a simple fact. These border enforcement measures are often called racist because the same measures are not employed along the Canadian border. Well, the important difference is that Canada is not a failed state, Canadians are not flooding across the US border by the millions, drug wars are not being waged in Manitoba or Ontario and whole provinces in Canada are not under the control of criminal cartels.

The monarchy may not play a significant role in Canadian society and government today but the fact that Canada has always been a constitutional monarchy has meant that Canada has had a stable government where law and order and shared loyalty to the Crown allowed a stable and prosperous country to be built up. Mexico, on the other hand, has only ever had two monarchs and they shot both of them. The country throughout most of its history has been ruled by warlords and dictators, most coming to power via a coup rather than the democratic process they claim to champion. The history of Mexico has been one of almost continuous civil wars and revolutions. From 1924 to 2000 Mexico was essentially a one party socialist dictatorship under the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) founded by a violently anti-clerical Marxist. Had either of the Mexican empires been maintained things would certainly be very different in Mexico today and given the state of the country as it is that difference would almost have to be for the better.

It could be argued, I suppose, that the United States should be held to blame for the problems of Mexico and somehow obliged to take in all Mexicans who wish to flee their country because of American support for the downfall of the two empires. However, statistics show that the vast majority of Mexican immigrants vote for the most leftist candidates after coming to the US (which is of course why the Democrats are the most opposed to border security) and support essentially the same policies in the US that made the country they left the failure that it is. This has also caused me to scratch my head in wonder at the Catholic leadership in America championing the cause of the illegal immigrants considering that (although nominally predominately Catholic) these people are coming from what was, until very recently, one of the most stridently anti-clerical regimes in the world and once here support overwhelmingly the political party that is most opposed to core Catholic values.

The situation is complicated, it is frustrating on a number of levels and I have nothing but sympathy for the decent Mexican people who are trying to make the best of their situation. I have zero sympathy for those who come to the USA illegally and then demand the same benefits and treatment of those who came the proper and legal way or who criticize and condemn America while enjoying the safety and prosperity that country provides them. I can only shake my head at those who wave Mexican flags in the US and shout about their Mexican “pride”. Real pride and patriotism would be staying in Mexico and working to make it a better country rather than abandoning it en masse. The best thing the US could do is stop illegal immigration as much as possible and let Mexico go its own way until the people finally get the message that the socialist-revolutionary model is a failure and try something different. I would suggest going in the exact opposite direction and looking to the example of their Emperors, possibly the only selfless leaders Mexico has ever had.


  1. As an American of Mexican descent(and Mexican Monarchist)residing in the Great State of Arizona I have no issue with SB 1070. I applaud the efforts of State Senator Russel Pearce and Governor Jan Brewer to protect the people of this state while the Federal Government refuses to as is has been doing my entire life. Furthermore, I hold the peasant run "Republic" of Mexico responsible for the necessity of its "citizens" to cross the border illegally into my home state to seek more prosperous conditions. Furthermore, the idea that the only people illegally crossing the border are hard working migrants in search of the American dream is a farce. Billions of dollars worth of narcotics and human capitol (slaves of the sex trade) are transported North across the pourous international border every day and an equal amount of ill gained currency and arms pass South. This is also coupled with the fact that Mexican militaty personnel have been sighted and engaged while having been obsevered trafficking narcotics themselves. In most circumstances, it is considered an act of war when millitary personnel violate the borders of their neighbors for any reason. However, since Mexico is currently ruled by a peasant government, it always seems to be able to hold the moral upper hand against the wealthier and much more powerful United States. As for the U.S. Catholic Bishops, their counterparts in Mexico do not mirror their political activism in the defense of migrant Guatemalans, Salvadorians, Nicaraguans and Hondurans whom suffer numerous attrocities at the hands of Mexican soldiers and border enforcement agents. This double standard is just one of many reasons why the stench of peasant driven Republicanism should be erased from the Mexican realm and the legitimate Constitutional Imperial state should be reinstituted. The Treaty of Cordoba and Plan of Iguala call for no less and Mexicans everywhere would do well to remember the intent of those founding documents of their very independence.

  2. Very well said, and a connection to the Monarchy no less. Quite the post.

  3. Well, the last time there was large organized emigration from the United States to Mexico it was when Mexico was a monarchy -southerners moved south rather than live under Union rule and established the colony of "Carlota" in Veracruz. Some (a few of my relatives included) also moved to the Empire of Brazil.

    As for those illegal aliens coming to the US being other than hard working migrants that is certainly true. You hear constantly on the news about how these are all hard working people just looking for honest employment. However, it is not hard to do that legally. For my whole life my family has employed Mexican workers and they all did so legally, living here during the week and going back home to Mexico on weekends and holidays. If work is the only goal one does not have to break the law to do it.

  4. I think this is the most balanced commentary on the issue I've seen...perhaps the only one.

  5. As a word of possible explanation; it is very difficult for most "big time" commentators to be balanced because they are almost invariably so shackled by political correctness to permit them to actually say what they think.

  6. Shortly after the AZ law was passed, sydnicated columnist Michelle Malkin had an article about Mexico's immigration policy and how illegal immigration is handled there. (They're tougher than us) Your points about Mexico's handling of immigration was similiar to what she wrote. Mexico has equally dirty hands and has yet to be called out for its immigration policy.

  7. That is the beauty of being me. I am not inhibited by the constraints of political correctness and can therefore focus on matters of political legitimacy.

  8. Appreciated this thoughtful essay.
    I agree, being a strong supporter of the last Mexican Empire.

    Now there's all this supposedly hidden agenda to amalgamate North American into one "union" akin to the European one.

    Ugh! Let's all offer fervent prayers that those plans are nipped in the bud and permanently thwarted.

    Otherwise the bad rumors about a new "Amero" currency for all three countries of N. America might come to pass.

    Maybe we should pray to St Dymphna, whose Saint's day is coming up tomorrow, May 15, to avert all crazy and evil schemes!

    Yes, your comment above about the shackled commentators hits the mark.
    The quality of reportage is so ridiculous in this country that it's useless to follow mainstream media. Can be harmful too to one's soul too, to absorb all that untruthfulness and/or ridiculous slant. I can't stand to even set eyes on these people on TV and in the media, there's a darkness about them. Look at their creepy eyes, or at the minimum, empty.

    Thank God for this site telling a very healthy side of things!
    Thanks for all the work you do here.

  9. Reymuntzin, you may be called a traitor for such opinions by the PC-crowd, but in my view that puts you in much better company.

    Elisa, that is very true and I find it noteworthy that the UN has chosen to chime in on the debate in Arizona but has said nothing about policies in Mexico. They're probably still riding the high from Mexico legalizing abortion on the cusp of the Pope's last visit.

    Christina, the number of people, in government, the trade unions and the media who are openly tossing around words like "global governance" and "global regulation" is truly alarming. I could see the illegal immigration problem (with all of the open-borders crowd) easily going in the direction of an North American Union or even an 'Americas Union'. I still remember in the last election when Congressman Ron Paul brought up the subject of the Trans-Texas Corridor and was quickly dismissed as a quack who was just making things up by that smug little creep Jeff Toobin on CNN. Well, of course, Ron Paul was right, we knew all about the plans, the fight to stop it and the ways in which the government has continued to frustrate people by saying 'it's over, it's dead, we get the message' only to have it pop up again.

    I've also noticed how "media people" around the world seem to largely pitch things the same way and even talk in that same odd "announcer" voice -yeah, creepy.

    Thanks for your compliments and thanks for reading.

  10. I would like to argue that in the case of "media people around the world," it's more to do with standards and follow the leader-esque copying styles. If one speech manner seems cool, why not copy it?

    That said, strong caution ought to be taken when it comes to the whole "NAU" business. I don't pretend to be an expert on American politics, but it's fairly obvious that such an arrangement would be mauled if implemented. From what I've heard, it would go something like this:
    1. Canada and Mexico would see it as an uber-USA.
    2. Americans would see it as the end of the world, basically.

    Yet before going any further, a level and balanced frame of mind has to be in play lest one would lapse into the madhouse of Conspiracy Theories or lose touch with reality. Assuming the "rumors" are true (which I doubt), it's all going to be one repetitive cycle until people on both "sides" no longer give a damn.

  11. I've yet to actually meet any American, Canadian or Mexican who thinks NAFTA made things better for them -yet it remains. During the last election Obama used it as a way of attacking Hillary Clinton and yet now they're both on the same side and NAFTA is not being touched. What the public in any of the countries thinks is rather beside the point as it has proven to be no hard task to either ignore them or use the media to manipulate them into accepting what is handed down. The EU started out as a purely economic-trade deal too. As I said earlier, it is no conspiracy "theory" when so many highly placed and influential people are saying themselves openly that we must have "global governance" and "global regulation".

  12. True, but it would be nice to figure out the context, such as what the words mean in reality, before threading. Sometimes, it's either so blatant or not quite as obvious as they seem to be.

    I'm not saying that there aren't any of these globalist saps or that that is a Conspiracy. It's just that many have gone similar paths only to would up with heavily distorted versions of reality. Even leftists could lapse into such lines. I mean, who hasn't heard of Vatican death squads or corporate mind-control? Or the notion that the UN is inevitably out to conquer the world, never mind the fail?

    Of course such ideas ought to be looked at, but the risk of lapsing into that aforementioned cycle is there.

  13. Mad,

    I would be honored to be called a traitor to "The Republic of Mexico" because I have no allegiance, nor have I ever, to it or any other permutation of non imperialist government it has ever been governed by. Furthermore, I am no advocate of universal and worldwide monarchical rule. Quite the contrary, I think a representative republic is the most ideal form of government for the United States. However, Mexico is another story. The misfit of its farsical republicanism is clear and evident with each and every illlegal immigrant that swims, jumps, climbs or crawls across the Arizona border. I, for one, am proud to proclaim this truth and would enjoy the pleasure of defending it against any challenge.

  14. The supreme Irony is, the only Reform the Modern World will ever allow is "Democratic Reform", which will never allow mexico to heal. If your lielihood ( and life) depends on making nice with the Local Drig Cartel, then how do you think a Repubic will be able ot solve the problem? The Politicians ar eint he pocket o the Drig Lords.

  15. This whole situation is heartbreaking with the drug war, human trafficking, and poverty. I am no fan of this liberal dictatorship in Mexico. PRI and the thousand families need to stop sucking the life blood out of the land of my ancestors. I wish Mexico never broke away from Spain or executed Emperor Maximilian. But its all history now; there is something I find ironic with the whole immigration thing. 200 years ago or so, America went to war with Mexico and all the Indians living in the Southwest for the right to the land. America won and made it America. But now its seems to be changing a lot, the Southwest has become Mexican-ized again. You can argue drugs, illegal immigration, liberal/ republican whatever; America is changing. Hate it or love it, the cultural landscape is changing. I know a lot of Chinese and Hispanics that lived in this country for years and don't speak any English. Its to the point where can live your whole life and have no need to learn English.


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