Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mad Monarchist Fan Mail

Believe it or not, I get lots of fan mail. I don't think I've ever posted my email address but it's not too hard to guess. Some of these are comments that I did not approve but were too good to erase, most however were email messages, with their addresses clearly shown and often enough even signed as well. Enjoy the heartfelt compliments of my biggest fans:

“Monarchy…uh huh…do you realize how out of date you are?”

“This is the most evil blog I have ever seen in my life. You are just evil. You are defending evil tyrants with blood on their hands.”

“F*** you! You f****** psycho!” (I corrected the spelling of psycho for this one)

“I have read quite a bit of your blog now and I have no doubt that you are yet another papist enemy of the British monarchy. You support absolutism and autocracy just like the antichrist in Rome. The British monarchy means liberty and democracy. The Queen hates you!”

“Whoever is behind this blog is obviously a bloodthirsty Buddhist who wants the return of the Dalai Lama clique. China saved people from brutality of Buddhism and you want to enslave them in misery. Buddhists like you should die.”

“Dear Mad Monarchist, you are a perfect illustration of the very worst of the Orthodox heretics. Can we say Caesaropapism? The Catholic Church opposes divine right of kings, we have freedom but by all means, you and your kind go ahead licking the boots of your dead murdering emperors.”

“You are Satan!” (short and to the point I guess)

“I have just read The Mad Monarchist blog for the first time. You will be pleased to learn that it did not disappoint. It is mad with a capital M.”

“Just so you know, you are a racist a****** and I hope you die.”

“Monarchy has to move with the times to survive. You are stupid if you think you are doing monarchy any favors by being an anti-gay bigot. Or is this a joke? Seriously, morals and values have changed and if you were a real monarchist you would want the monarchy to change with the times. Most of them have anyway so, sux 2 b u!”

“To the so-called Mad Monarchist: You are a Nazi son of a ***** and you should be stripped of your citizenship and deported to some monarchy-hell like England. You would fit in perfect with the a******* there.”

“What’s with the Muslim a**-kissing? I hope the Muslims kill the people like you first. Traitor.” (This one, I can’t help but add, came from one of those geniuses who signed his comments “anonymous” but used his name for his email address).

Another long and rambling message accused me of being a fraud (I guess because of the avatar) and seemed to think I was actually trying to convince people that I am a White Russian general who died in 1921. Yes, I’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool that sharp cookie. My favorite however, is an old one I have long since lost which accused me of putting on an elaborate ruse to hide the “truth” that I am actually a secret agent of the communist government in Vietnam working behind the scenes to destroy monarchist movements around the world. Gosh I feel important. I’m so loved!


  1. These are hilarious in a sick sort of way. I've been reading your blog for almost a month now and I admit that I skip over some posts that I think may not interest me, but I read most of them and I haven't read anything that would validate any one of those comments that were sent to you. Crazies. They must be reading a different blog than I am. :)

  2. It appears that these people maybe more mad than you!

    But wow these people are so open-minded! But not really. I believe they would be described as fools in Biblical description because they despise wisdom and only care for their own opinions.

  3. I am soooooooo jealous. My blog never generates love notes like yours does.

  4. Mad, would you mind very much if I were to quote some of these incredibly enlightened detractors in my ongoing series regarding fanaticism?

  5. aLmYbNeNr, I'm sure you're type of reading is the "norm". I know I'm too 'all over the place' for everything to be of interest to everyone but hopefully there's enough diversity for everyone to find something of interest now & then. What always gets me is the number of times I am accused of supporting things I have vehemently condemned and of being an "enemy" of that which I have most staunchly defended.

    Emperor Adam, that sounds like an accurate description to me. Of course on the religious front I am often driven to laughter. I've been called a Catholic, a heretic, a Protestant, an Orthodox, a Buddhist and a Muslim. I wonder if anyone will take me for a Jew, Hindu or Shintoist in the future?

    Cliff, don't think it has not escaped my notice that while more people seem to at least 'like' my blog or have a passing interest, those who don't like it *really* hate it, and seem to be much more concerned that I know about it.

    Mr Palardy, feel free. I liked your last post on the subject, agreed with it overall, though honesty forces me to say that when it comes to politicians I'd like to see a real brawl now & then. It's when they all agree on something that I get nervous, 8-o

  6. MM,

    Your blog is the best blog on the net!
    These people that write the negative things about Monarchy and your blog must all be kool aid suckers.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless you,

  7. Interesting, some of this is quite hilarious...I don't think I've ever actually received any nasty messages, just the occasional irrelevant and dubious spam- which rather surprises me, because I've seen lots of nasty things said about the Belgian monarchy elsewhere on the net. Oops, I guess I shouldn't give people any ideas;-)

  8. If it wasn't so sad it'd be funny. Keep up the good work Mad Monarchist. Your Youtube channel and blog are the best !

  9. lol I think so Grumpy, I just wonder when that kool-aid will "take effect"! Anyway, I just have to laugh. They don't scare me, I'm well armed and live in a state with a strong "make my day" law so no problem. Matterhorn, I would be truly shocked if anyone nice as you ever got a nasty message. I will admit to doing my best to annoy republicans and secularists. I've only ever seen one (attempted) comment on the subject of Belgium but I did get an email from a blog follower who was greatly disturbed to encounter a bunch of Belgium-bashing on a monarchist forum no less. Monarchist, thanks for the compliments, glad you are reading -and watching. Although not included here I have gotten *far* more hateful comments on the YouTube Channel than I have here -I suppose for some of these types reading does not come easy.

  10. Actually, it seems to be the case that only those who really hate something can get worked up enough about it to bother to write to you about it.

    And since they usually do it while frothing with rage at finding something that doesn't agree with them (Democracy in action. Hey, didn't the Greeks invent that?), they usually don't express anything of any real meaning.

    All you can do is laugh, really. I mean, yeah, you're too conservative, you're a communist spy, you're Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Orthodox all at the same time (can't they just call you Bahai and be honest about it?), and can only resort to insulting you.

    Socrates would not approve (nor would democracy, were it a person/god like many people seem to think).

  11. Actually I wonder if these detractors are angry politicians O_O

    After all, Mad Monarchist has been making Politicians cry since 1981.

  12. Oh, dear... Some people are just crazy...

  13. Thank you for the consent, although I must say there are two forms of agreements. First is that built on shared common principles. Then there is the agreement of no principles. And it is well acknowledged that politicians have no principles. I should love to see an honest man in Washington (does one of those exist?) shouting one of them down--and making far more sense than the malcontents sounding off in your mailbag.

  14. i find this a bit too hard to believe. its not necessarily funny.

    i see why european leftists are getting worse by the day in the quality of their arguments.

    i do not mean to offend, but the people who sent you those messages are sick in the head.

    why on earh would someone wish death upon you during a conversation?

  15. I don't know the where all of these people live but I do know that a fair number were certainly not Europeans. None of these were "conversations" either. People leave messages on the internet that they would never say to someone in person in a conversation. As for death threats -I don't believe for a minute any of them are serious. I've had people leave messages wishing death or threatening to kill me over saying George Washington was a bad general and making fun of someone's favorite movie. I find it hard to believe any monarchist in this day and age would question the stupidity and hyper-emotionalism of the 'average joe'.

  16. Hahahaha! Good show! I honestly always wanted fan mail such as the ones you have gained, it lets me know I'm on the right track!

  17. Wow! In ten years I cannot claim to have attracted nearly as much vitriol, though I too have been told that monarchism is "evil." Congratulations, if that's the right word. You must be doing something right.

  18. I understand that the death threats were not serious... it just seem too much hostility...

  19. Servant of the Chief, be careful what you wish for. I know I have received some of my most 'extreme' comments when dealing with the subject of monarchy, Great Britain and Ireland. I make everyone mad on that subject -too pro-Irish for the Brits and too pro-British for the Irish. Theodore, I am a little surprised at that, though I dare say it could happen if you were a little more free with your opnions and words. As I said earlier, I often know full well what is going to attract the most criticism -and I do it anyway (even grinding the heel occasionally lol).

  20. OK, I'lll give it to you.

    You are an evil Zionist SPy! You evil Jews want ot tak over the world and this blog is proof! Yu and your Monarhcism is a front of evil Zionist onspiracies to oppress everyone else!

    On that nite, Congratulations. I think that this means your Blog is the bets Monarhcit Resource on the web.

    People tend to lump me into the category of their nemeies. I am, Variosuly, a Liberal extremist COmmunist, or a Right Wign Nazi. Liberals call me a NAZI for my Monarhcism and COnservatives a Liberal COmmunist. Becuase peopel tend ot lumpo everythign they hate togather no matterhow incompatable.

    Thats why Leftistss critissed "King George", becuase we all know Monarhcy is evil so Bush was actign like a Monarch by bign a DIctator. Now we have King Obama, who is actign lke a Dictstor hence lik a Monarch.

    Republican Logic.

  21. I've not gotten that response here, but I have been called a Zionist elsewhere (as I recall it was basically for saying I did not think the Jews should be wiped off the map). I have also been called a communist, a fascist, a capitalist and probably a few others that don't come immediately to mind. What really makes me wonder about all those is that I've never tried to be secretive about my economic positions or political ones. Also, whereas I don't use this blog to preach about religion (I support monarchist solidarity here) but a simple look around I would think sufficient for anyone to see where my religious sympathies are.

  22. I haven't gotten anywhere close to this level, sir, although I haven't been completely spared.

    I don't have moderated comments (except for old posts). I explicitly ask commenters to be nice with their language. I reserve the right to delete any comment that does not comply with my guidelines.

    In general, I engage in debate with them. Something most of them cannot stand.

    Why I don't get your level of hate mail, I don't really know. I can think of a number of reasons why some thoughtful people would not bother to comment at my blog, but I have a hard time believing that these typical hate commenters would think that far.

  23. At times I will allow a comment I dislike to stand just for the sake of the debate but those cases are rare. As some of the above will show -it's just not possible to debate some of these people and even in better cases I have found it to usually be useless as the other person will inevitably ignore points they cannnot counter and continuously change tracks to avoid admitting they are wrong. It may be, and correct me if I'm wrong, that you post fewer opinions and more simple historical facts. And, as long as you are sticking to slapping around Woodrow Wilson and his actual policies I cannot think of many people with even half a brain who could disagree with you. Even in the USA as of late knowledge of his villainy is becoming ever more widespread.

  24. I agree, sir, that "slapping around" my bĂȘte noire is not so controversial. Glenn Beck does it, and it is quite popular.

    When I do post opinions, they are often not very explicit. I do, however, from time to time post explicit opinions. And I do post at The Monarchist. Also, I have occasionally articles at websites with a considerable readership. I am surprised at the low level of hateful mail I have gotten through the years via these articles.

  25. I'd just like to say that it is amusing that you've been called a dirty: Papist (Catholic), Orthodox, Nazi, Communist, and Buddhist, along with sympathizing with a few other contradictory groups. My goodness... maybe I should read more of your blogs and figure out why people hate you so much, but I sure do think they should get their dirty (insert favorite hated political/religious group here) straight before they attack en masse.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Reactionary is a badge of honor
    You might like this cred that monarchist Erik von Kuehnelt Leddihn did in 1943.


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