Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Oak Apple Day!

Today marks the birthday of the late King Charles II of Great Britain and Ireland as well as the date of his triumphal entry into London when the monarchies of the 3 kingdoms were restored after the nightmarish Cromwellian interregnum. In 1660, to celebrate the occasion, May 29 was declared an official holiday, Oak Apple Day, by the English Parliament. Sadly it was dropped as an official holiday in the British Isles in 1859 though there is evidence that certain festivities continued to be held for many years thereafter. When monarchial restorations are such comparitively rare things, monarchists must take what opportunities they can to celebrate and certainly there were few such genuinely widespread and happy occasions as the restoration of the "Merry Monarch" Charles II after the Puritanical tyranny of Oliver Cromwell. The Mad Monarchist extends a happy Oak Apple Day to all blog readers, followers and subscribers!


  1. Why was this Holiday Abolished?

    That asked, I also think that perhaps a Post on the Pilgrims would be Apropos. Many Americans tend to think of them as the Victims of Unjust Religious Persecution. In fact, most that I have spoken to think that in England at the time (There never seems to have exited a United Kingdom to them) assume the Pilgrims wre simpy good Christians who wanted to worship God in their own way, but were forbidden to. The understandign they have is that the King had forced everyone to attend the Churhc of Englan and follow its Doctrines, which they Imagine as Fixed.

    So when they refused they came to America for Religious Freedom.

    The Fact that the Pilgrims are tied to the Civil War and the Reign of Oliver Cromwell as first Head of the New Model Army and Distinguished Parliamentarian, and then as Lord Protector, does bare some notation.

  2. What I find rather funny is that the Pilgrims left England because of a lack of religious freedom but then went to Holland and they left Holland because there was too much religious freedom. The restrictions on dissenters were heavier then but what I find more outrageous is the oft-repeated line that there was no religious freedom in the English-speaking world until the USA came along. In fact, even at that time, while the CofE had special privelaged status, there was still religious freedom for pretty much everyone except Catholics and even they were given it in Canada. As to why the holiday was abolished I have no idea. That was long after the Stuart reign had ended so I wouldn't think it would have anything to do with that and Britain was still a very proudly monarchial place at that time so I really couldn't say.

    I have thought about doing a series of posts on some of the great enemies of monarchy, Cromwell would certainly make that list.

  3. Oh yes, please do a series on your favorite villains! I have thought of doing something similar.

  4. Check out the Royal Oak Day website:



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