Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Frederick (son and heir of HM Queen Margrethe II) and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (the Australian beauty who met the Prince at the Sidney Olympics and quickly won the hearts of the Danish public). The Mad Monarchist wishes the future Danish King and Queen many more years of wedded bliss and a secure future for the oldest reigining monarchy in Europe.

Today is also the 47th anniversary of the marriage of His Catholic Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain and HRH Princess Sofia of Greece and denmark. The two were married in Athens in Catholic and Orthodox ceremonies. At the time, Generalissimo Francisco Franco was still ruling Spain but later designated Juan Carlos as his heir with the monarchy to be fully restored after his death. This happened in 1975. The Mad Monarchist wishes Their Catholic Majesties a happy anniversary and many more years together on the throne of the Spains.


  1. How good of you to remind your followers of these two anniversaries. Right on this occasion some Australian media (owned by Rupert Murdoch) started a campaign against Crown Princess Mary. They push a new book by Trine Villemann. Her 2007 book was - according to the Danish newspaper Berlinske Tidende - successful in the competion for "Crap of the year in the book business".

    Her husband, the BBC correspondent in Athens, Mike Brabant, claimed in a posting on the Australian Monarchist League's forum: "She is an ardent Royallist and has no desire to see Denmark become a republic."

  2. Thanks alot (from the Madman to the radical), I like the Crown Princely couple of Denmark, I've been impressed by Princess Mary from day one, I think she's been a credit to her country and they just seem like really good, decent, clean-cut kids who want to do right by their people. They seem like a class act to me and all the info I got was that there was quite a Danish craze down under when Mary brought the Crown Prince to his knee and I would tend to think that if William or Harry would marry someone from the land of Oz that would have to all but kill the republican movement. Just my opinion.


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