Monday, May 4, 2009

Greek King to Undergo Heart Surgery

It was announced this morning on the former King's website that Constantine II will be undergoing a complicated heart surgery to replace a clogged valve with a bioprosthesis and single vessel bypass. The surgery became necessary after the cholesterol congestion began to prevent blood flow between the King's heart and lungs. Although described as a common procedure and an "elective surgery" it will nonetheless require the King to spend some time on life support in order that his heart and lungs may be stopped for the operation. King Constantine II has been one of the most prominent royals-in-exile in Europe after being overthrown in 1973. Since then he has continued to style himself as "King" but has not pushed for a restoration and as recently as last December said in an interview that genuine democracy was what Greece most needed to solve its current problems. Far be it for me to dispute His Majesty but I think he is needed just as much if not more.


  1. "..he is neede just as much if not more."
    Yes! Greece needs him and the Greek Royal family as much if not more! Let's pray that His Majesty will come from the surgery in perfect health. Amen!

  2. Indeed, God save the King of the Hellenes! I would like to see him advocating constitutional monarchy and a restoration rather than democracy but I would wager that His Majesty's motives in doing so are far more pure than those politicians who proclaim themselves democrats.

  3. I hope all goes well with this operation.

  4. May God grant his Majesty a speedy recovery.

    God save the true King of Greece! May he be restored to his throne!

  5. We all hope that there will be no trouble with the operation. As for the restoration, there is no question at all about it. The Constitution doesn't permits any change of its basic articles, as the form of the regime is. We need King Constantine's presence in Greece cause he is a great example for all of us, he and his family.I'm not living in a dream to wait for a restoration of monarchy in nowadays anarchy Greece. But we need him just as he is now. Discrete but substantial
    Markos Greece


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