Friday, April 23, 2010

Shameless Plug


  1. hello mr MadMonarchist sir. I have been reading your blog for the last three months and i can say that i'm truly a big fan. Your campaign on counter-revolution and restoration of monarchy truly inspires me. I have been wanting to write(or post a comment like this) on your page for quite some time but i don't have theproper words to say. Probably due to my rather poor command in English for i'm not a native speaker-i might get my words wrong.

    I am a monarchist myself; we revere our Yang DiPertuan Agong (The Exalted One in Malay), our King, without question of his authority. Although the seat is an Elected Monarchy, the elected Sultans from the traditional nine states are of genuine royal blood. It would be interesting to see your comments about our frequently overlooked monarchy. (i have friends from other countries that thought Malaysia is a republic)

    Keep it up and please pardon my English sir. You got one faithful follower here.

  2. I have neglected Malaysia but that is out of a lack of familiarity and information rather than support. I have heard the same confusion expressed about Malaysia being a republic or something because the King is elected, this comes of course from westerners, and I usually make the comparison with the Holy Roman Empire which they are more familiar with, which was also a monarchy of many autonomous states with a monarch who was elected from the member states. I have, however, not completely forgotten Malaysia, I did a short video on the Malaysian kings which will be posted here in its turn or you can see at

  3. I should also add that I am in general a very big fan of the Malaysian model. Of course, the same thing won't work everywhere, but as a general principle I like the confederation-style with greater power on the local level than the more centralized, uniform, top-down sort of governments.

  4. I have watched the video and i like it :) you have your facts correct and accurate. It's a shame that the Malaccan Sultanate that ruled upon the stately Sultans(i hope my term is correct) is overthrown during the Portuguese invasion in 1511, but the descendants of the Malaccan royals can be traced within the royal families of Perak and Pahang states. Yes you are right the system is very similar with the election of the Holy Roman Empire.

    Currently there are republican tones among the opposition party here, notably in the state of Perak, where the opposition leaders are questioning the Sultan's prerogative on the appointment of the state assembly. Let's all hope that this malicious threat will be to no avail. But not too worry, Malaysians love their monarch, and there are no signs of waning support to it. Daulat Tuanku!


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