Monday, April 12, 2010

Royal Response to Polish Tragedy

It is a sad fact of history that the nation of Poland seems to have a long record of tragedy and heartache and recently this was seen again with the plane crash at Smolensk, Russia which took the lives of all 96 people on board including the President of the Polish Republic Lech Kaczynski. Among those royals who have expressed their sorrow over the event to the Polish government are Queen Elizabeth II, King Harald V, Grand Duke Henri, Queen Beatrix and King Juan Carlos. As regular readers will know HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall only recently toured Eastern Europe and spent quite a bit of time in Poland with the President and First Lady. The Prince said that he and the Duchess were "shocked and deeply upset". The Mad Monarchist sends prayers and condolences to families involved and all the people of the long suffering nation of Poland. May all those who died be granted eternal rest and may they rest in peace.


  1. Thanks... Kaczynski was most "right-winged" from all previous presidents. With him also died last Second Polish Commonwealth president and our generals :(.
    However I cannot agree with his program, now it could be only worst times for Poland... Especially with absolutism of Civic Platform and its volksdeutscher leader, his whole opponents are eliminated. That lead way to legalisation of abortion, eutanasy, "gay marriages" and whole damn europeanism, only he has veto to block idiotic CP ideas ;(.
    Damn that we, monarchists, do not have any great general, who can restore monarchy in this chaos time, before rule of CP begin... Now is the best time for coup d'état. Romanovs, Wettins, Pilsudskis, Bonapartes, Czartoryskis or Bourbons does not matter, someone must save my homeland!

    PS. Great movies on your youtube channel, especially thanks for great Polish monarchs! And sorry for my English.

  2. I appreciate that. I think Poland is in a pivotal time now, although there are certainly problems the Polish people (God bless them) have been holding out better than most against many of the popular trends in European society but they need a good, strong monarch to resist the social and political forces tearing at her edges.

    Glad you like the channel. I had not expected the Polish video to come to much, but once I started putting it together it ended up being one of my longest videos.


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