Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty!

Today Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and her other Commonwealths celebrates her 84th birthday. It is unfortunate that her reign had to coincide with the continued downfall of the British Empire, however, the Queen herself has been the great tower of strength amidst all the turmoil and the decline in British power and influence around the world. She has faced a number of difficult situations as monarch and personally but she has survived them all and by her character, her devotion to duty and the matchless way she has continued to symbolize British tradition and represent what is best of British history she has single-handedly been the death of republicanism on the island of Britain with even the most dastardly republican traitors being forced to admit that while Elizabeth II is Queen their cause is hopeless. Such is all the more reason for the Mad Monarchist and all others to wish Her Majesty a happy birthday with many, many more to come and to join all in a hearty shout of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!


  1. French royalist Jean Raspail wrote in the one of his books that Queen Elizabeth II is the only european monarch coronated with proper ritual, and ruling by God's Grace (at the same time, there are some ruling by God's Grace, but their crowning hve been secularized and ripped off of its beauty)

    Long Live the Queen!

  2. Her Majesty is the central point that holds us together. Her reign has, as you say, coincided with the decline of Britain as a world power and many domestic problems. She has, however, recognised her personal and unique role as a stalwart of continuity in a sea of change, and this has guided us through difficult times and ensured our survival.

    God Save the Queen!
    May many more birthdays come!

  3. Long may she Reign Over us, and God Save the Queen!

    A Hearty Happy Birthday to Her majesty, the Queen!


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