Sunday, April 18, 2010

MM Video: White Russians


  1. This is such a great idea!
    I am so interested in that era.

    There's a unique and beautiful CD series as accompaniment or just for listening purposes called: Chants of the Russian Emigres. These are recordings of all or most of the liturgical music of the Russian Church Abroad, which founded by these White Russian emigres in resistance to the Moscow "patriarchate". [Unfortunately, that's the one with which the Vatican is eager to deal.
    Vatican officials should examine it more carefully.
    The last Pope handed over apparently the real Kazan Icon, and got ZERO in return from 'patriarch' Alexei II...that's just one example of the attitude of much of the MP officialdom toward Catholics! If anyone is interested in the Kazan Icon, take a look at the articles at for some incisive insight. I disagree with some of that website's ideas, but some articles are well done.
    Back to this video, it would be so great if you could caption each picture!
    I was very curious who each photo was?

    [I did think I saw our host here on the blog - or an ancestor?! - at about 2:31. Or is that the actual military hero whose image he has donned for the purpose of this blog -! ?]

  2. 16 is General Alekseev, 19 is Andrei Shkuro, 23 is Anton Denikin, 31 is General Pavel Bermondt-Avalov, 42 is Stanisław Bułak-Bałachowicz, 58 is General Mikhail Diterikhs, 1:01 is General Kappel, 1:04 is General Miller, 1:12 is Ivan Ilyin, 1:16 is General Dragomirov, 1:23 is Aleksei Kaledin, 1:27 is Kolchak, 1:35 is General Kornilov, 1:42 is Alex Kutepov, 1:50 is Vladimir May-Mayevsky, 1:53 is General Markov, 2:02 is another one of Diterikhs I think, then another of Ilyin, 2:08 is Pepelyayev, 2:12 is Viktor Pokrovsky, 2:16 is Pyotr Krasnov, 2:20 is Kolchak again, 2:27 is Ataman Semenov, 2:31 is Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, 2:43 is Grand Duke Nicholas, 2:47 is Vladimir Kappel again, 2:57 is the “Black Baron” Pyotr Wrangel (there’s several of him in a row), 3:13 is Shkuro again, 3:16 is General Nicholas Yudenich, 3:19 is Grand Duke Michael and 3:24 is Grand Duke Nicholas again. Whew! Now, I hope that’s all correct as it’s been a while since I made that video.

  3. I am not sure if you're planing to make another video on the Russian civil war, or if you take suggestions. However if you do take suggestions, could you make a video about the assassination of the royal family by the bolsheviks and why they did it. Ie. that the Czech legionaries were close by


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