Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Personal Request

Some followers might recall mention of my right-hand-man "Teapot", from whose abode I have blogged in the past. We've been close as long as we've been alive and have always been there for each other when the chips are down. He's taken the heat for me in the past, we've seen each other through a number of rough patches, I was best man at his wedding and it's no exaggeration to say I would take a bullet for the guy. Well, he's having a hard time right now. Just as he and the wife have been seeing some progress in their efforts to start a family he has been hit with a crippling, constant sort of super-migraine. The last time this happened I was with him in the hospital for a week and looked after him at his home for about a month afterward. There are theories as to the underlying cause but so far the docs have been fairly baffled and they are running out of more powerful pain-killers to hit him with. It's torment for him and frustrating for the rest of us who cannot really help. That being so, and being only too familiar myself with the limits of medical science, I would greatly appreciate anyone who could spare a moment to say a prayer for him that everything will turn out alright. Thank you.


  1. Hope your friends going to be ok I shall be thinking of him until he gets better

  2. Sure, shall do. I know at first hand what migraines are like - though none of mine has been as dreadful as his appears to be - and I shall remember him in my prayers.

  3. That's really hard. I will keep your friend in my prayers.

  4. I'm sorry to read about your friend. I hope he feels better soon!

  5. Thanks to all of you, I really appreciate it. Seems to be having an effect, the pain is at least under control now and the docs have narrowed it down to one of two things, so some potential light at the end of the tunnel at least.

  6. We will be praying for your friend, too.
    God bless

  7. Keep us posted, if you can, about Teapot's progress. Sometimes, though, there can be still other possibilities that haven't yet been considered.

    Well May 2, yesterday, was the birthday in 1806 of St Catherine Laboure, the French nun graced with the visions of the Miraculous Medal.
    Does Teapot have still a Miraculous Medal near him? It's important to keep right by one at all times. Our Lady said every PERSON not only every Catholic, should carry one with them.

    As mentioned awhile ago, remember that the novice Sister Catherine was given visions a little earlier of Christ the King which predicted the sudden fall of Charles X, which did happen right afterward.

    Not to be trite, but don't forget to remind your friend to offer up his suffering repeatedly to the Immaculate Heart and/or Sacred Hearts.
    Think how he could contribute to assist Heaven in Their plans thereby! Especially to get rid of all the anti-God forces so active today. Including bringing back both Eastern and Western civilizations as well explained up there in later essay!

    Or, maybe his suffering could be "deposited" in a heavenly account which could with enough prayers, rosaries, etc. nip in the bud awful individuals and doctrines as well recounted in that post.

  8. Thanks again to everyone. He's been getting by on some super-pain killers so he's not 100% but well enough to take a few days to head out west on a little errand. I might try that tip about the medal (hadn't thought of that). I should add that he is not religious himself (not against it -he was raised Baptist and it didn't really 'take'. He goes to a non-denominational church once in a blue moon and his mrs is nominal CofE I suppose). Last time he was in the hospital I gave his wife a green scapular to slip into his sock drawer and -say what you will- he did recover from that episode so I count it a success.

  9. That's neat about the Green Scapular's success!
    What's amazing is that it was a mere decade or so after the Miraculous Medal visions in the Rue du Bac convent that ANOTHER novice, the hidden but very special Sister Justine Bisqueyburu, was graced with the Green Scapular vision, which as you obviously know, was tailored specifically for the purpose you used it, to tuck away somewhere in the unbeliever's near environment.

    The person never has to know about its existence even, but Our Lady works through that little anchoring point of the Scapular.
    What was so interesting too was that because of the great power of this Scapular, the devil made sure to delay its manufacturing by unexpected outbreaks of fires and all sorts of abrupt obstacles. Which shows clearly how efficacious the Green Scapular is.

    Few remember it today but it's a very powerful tool.
    [I have one tucked into a picture frame on the the outside of the door of my house so that all contractors/workers/etc who pass beneath it who need faith in God and also openness to Our Lady will be influenced by that!]

    The Scapular has been regarded as having been aimed by Heaven specifically at the sector of agnostics and atheists, as well as the subset of those who have faded away from the Catholic Church.
    There were spectacular examples of the Green Scapular's role in bringing back former Catholics who had married Protestants and who in trying to keep the peace in their households had relinquished the Catholic faith.

    What if the migraines are there to remind your friend about Heaven? Is it time for a fresh Green Scapular to be tucked in the bureau-?!


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