Thursday, April 1, 2010

Portuguese Monarchists Strike Again

The flag waving monarchists of Portugal struck again on March 26 when the people of Lisbon awoke to find a large national flag from the era of the Kingdom of Portugal (blue and white) flying low at the Edward VII park in place of the green and red flag of the Portuguese republic. Claiming responsibility for this harmless act of monarchist defiance was the group "Carbonara - Monarchist Movement for the Masses" in recognition of the birthday of the 14-year-old heir apparent Infante Dom Afonso. The police say they intent to pursue criminal charges against those responsible -which seems rather absurd as this display of political protest hurt nothing and no one (especially when liberal revolutionary types are usually the first to cry about their own rights to protest). However, this is not the first time Portuguese monarchists have used the symbolism of the royalist flag to show their opposition to the republican regime. Readers will remember last August when Portuguese monarchists took down and carried off the national flag from the city hall in Lisbon and replaced it with the Kingdom of Portugal flag (they returned the republican national flag unharmed). The authorities are especially sensitive about royal flags appearing while the Portuguese republic is celebrating its 100th anniversary. They will overreact but that is all the more reason to salute the gallant monarchists of Portugal who are showing where their allegiance is in a dignified but striking way. Vivo Portugal!


  1. A Portuguese friend had informed me about this Monarchist stunt, but I learned details only, when I read the blog of a German speaking Portuguese Monarchist.

    Credit should go to: Ângelo Paulo at
    Planet Portugal

  2. This is a wonderful concept To use joy pranks and fun to bring attention to the cause Now we should all follow our Portugese brothers and sisters in this..

  3. Dear Mr Monarchist and Friends,

    It went down very well in Portugal! Two facts which I would point out. In neither occassion was the National Flag substituted. Although ideologically republican, many monarchists fought and served beneath Portugal's current National Flag and respect it. In August, the flag which was substituted was the flag of the City of Lisbon. Interestingly, it was taken from the very balcony from where the Republic was proclaimed in 1910... The larger flag was flown at half-mast where a National Flag should have been. But the mast was bare, and had been so for some time!

    Demented Democrat


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