Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The World Salutes Chile

Tonight the terrible ordeal of the miners of Chile is finally over and it has, thank God, had a happy ending as all 33 of the trapped miners, buried half a mile under the earth for the last 10 weeks, have finally been rescued. At such a time it is appropriate for people all around the world to stop for a moment and join the people of Chile in thanking God for the deliverance of these 33 men from the belly of the earth. Chile as a whole has put its best face forward during this crisis, showing deep faith, unsinkable hope, determination and teamwork but not too proud to accept help from others. Whatever was needed to rescue these men was accepted and was done and their spirit has inspired the world. God has answered the prayers of a nation and many around the world and we should all be grateful. Thank God and a big Mad Monarchist salute to the miners, their families, the rescue workers and the country and people of Chile. Viva Chile!


  1. I concure and Amen! Praise be to God and happy fortune for the Families and freinds, and the now Liberated Miners themselves!

  2. Everyone I know was watching that happy occasion. Vive Chile!


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