Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monarchist Music: La Brabançonne

The very royalist national anthem of Belgium sung in all three official languages.


  1. I have a version of this on my blog, which actually shows Helmut Lotti singing the anthem. It was my impression when I watched it last that he seemed to sing with the most conviction/expression when delivering it in Flemish (which I believe he is?)

  2. I hope it is conviction. I think BR here told me he was from Flanders so that would make sense. Though there was a little old lady from Darmstadt I used to know (she's passed on now) who was convinced that "Helmuth Lotti" was just a stage name and he was really Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia. She came up with this whole elaborate story based only on his picture on casette tapes of his she would buy (of German songs). I gave up trying to convince her otherwise.

  3. I will add I have seen that video too and thought about putting it up but for these, if possible, I like to use videos that show the lyrics so people can sing along -let their royalist freak flag fly! lol


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