Monday, October 18, 2010

Monarchy Profile: Swaziland

Name: The Kingdom of Swaziland
Reigning Monarch: His Majesty King Mswati III
Reigning Family: Diamini dynasty
Status: The landlocked Kingdom of Swaziland, which is completely surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique, is the last absolute monarchy on the African continent. From 1899 to 1968 Swaziland was a protectorate of the British Empire during which time the country was ruled by Sobhuza II. After his death in 1982 the Great Council of State chose his 14-year-old son Mswati III to succeed him as is the local custom. Although an absolute monarchy, the tradition in Swaziland is for a king and the queen mother to reign together as joint rulers, her title being Indlovukazi or ‘Great She-Elephant’. Today the King is often ridiculed for his lifestyle and for his very numerous wives. This actually is long-established custom that a king take a wife from each Swazi clan. Pro-democracy groups and human-rights groups are constantly criticizing Swaziland and accuse the King of being a dictator. In fact, he is simply ruling as all of his predecessors have done, which is as an absolute monarch. The king appoints all high officials but takes advice from the queen mother and council of ministers. An effort to allow greater democracy was undertaken in the 1990’s but civil strife and infighting quickly brought an end to this and political parties were banned.


  1. Actually Swaziland also shares a border with Mozambique. You're confusing it with Lesotho which is entirely surrounded by South Africa. Just giving you a heads up my friend. ;-)

  2. The reason Human Rights advocates hate it is becauseits an Absolute monarchy. If it were a Socialist Hell Hole, like China or Cuba, no amount of Human Right Abuses woudl matter, nor woudl the number of Sexual partners their Presidents have, even if they kept them as mere mistresses and for nothign but personal pleasure.

  3. This is at least one reason why I am so often seen as defending the undefendable. The reason Swaziland stands out so much is simply because the rest of the world has changed and they have not. This also rather reveals the lie of the lefties who pine about the pristine nations of the Third World prior to European colonization. Here is one that remains and they despise it, partly because it does not fit their PC view. The natives of Africa or the Americas were not liberal democracies! I of course salute them for that but evidence of it makes the revolutionary crowd very uncomfortable.


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