Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monarchy Profile: Luxembourg

Name: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Reigning Monarch: His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri
Reigning Family: House of Luxembourg-Nassau
Status: Although Luxembourg has a very long history the current monarchy and grand ducal line date from 1890 when King Willem III of the Netherlands died with no male heir at which time Luxembourg (Salic law being in effect) separated from the Netherlands and the throne passed to Duke Adolf of Nassau. Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy and according to the constitution, “The Grand Duke is the head of state, symbol of its unity and guarantor of national independence. He exercises executive power in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the country”. The monarch had an active role in government but that began to change with Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde whose involvement made her the subject of many unfair criticisms and finally forced her to abdicate and retire to a convent. A new constitution was adopted and the public affirmed their wish to remain a monarchy. Since then monarchs have remained outside of politics though the assent of the Grand Duke (or Duchess) was still required to make bills law. However, in 2008 Grand Duke Henri announced that his conscience would not allow him to sign a bill into law legalizing euthanasia. At that point the constitution was amended so as to remove the Grand Duke completely from the legislative process.


  1. Heh- The disease f Democracy strikes again. Rather than follow the Laws, people were outraged that the Duke followed his Conscience AND used his Powers. Had he been a Duly Elected President, this would not have been a Scandal and the Laws not Amended, but they used the fact that world opinion Favours Democracy and the Duke was suppose to be a good little rubber stamp... when he failed to pass an (Immoral) Law, they took the opportunity to strip him of his Powers.

    That was a great shame, but they got by with it int he name of Democracy. No one challenged them on it, in fact most saw it as the Right thing to do, so he wouldn't have to enact all Laws and yet Luxembourg could remain Democratic, as if this is good in and of itself.

  2. One must follow the laws of conscience. Agreed.

    Perhaps those laws must be codified in steel in case the justice of a good conscience loses popular support.

  3. Once they were, then we got new Morals because we felt they wer emroe modern thus mor eenlightened... that new Morality has lead us astray into dispare and ruin, and I hope we cast the whole thign away, and restore our True Morality.

  4. Perhaps this enlightened king has traded power in his kingdom for a greater power in a greater kingdom, in Christs name. The good of the soul will always shine like diamonds.


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