Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MM Video: Remember Portugal

It was on this day in 1910 that the Republic of Portugal was officially proclaimed, HM King Manuel II having been driven into exile the day previous. Thus, it was on October 5 that legitimate government effectively ended in Portugal. It saw the birth of the republican usurper state which was also, in the opening years, a single-party effective dictatorship under the Portuguese Republican Party (later the National Republican Party). Although there were efforts, most strongly in 1912, to restore the monarchy, led by such heroes as the recently covered “Paladin” of Portugal, none were to be ultimately successful. A restoration was planned by the corporatist “New State” under Salazar but never came to fruition. There had, of course, been problems in the period of the late kingdom but the change to a republic certainly brought no improvements and within the first ten years of its existence the republic was rocked by civil war following Portuguese involvement in World War I which cost many lives and gained the country nothing but a small patch of worthless land in Africa. The last one hundred years of illegitimate republic rule have been an almost continuous downward spiral for Portugal.

What has the republic ever done to inspire pride and patriotism? The Kingdom of Portugal fought for independence against the Moors, became a beacon of exploration, blazed a trail for others to follow all around the world, discovered the Cape of Good Hope, a sea route to India, first visited Japan and opened Europe up to the possibilities of a wider, bigger world. That was the glorious history embodied in the Kings of Portugal. That is what the republic turns its back on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness and Portugal should be proud of her history but put that pride into action. Portugal was great once, it can be great again and the most significant symbol for such a change in attitude and a new era to restore that greatness would be the renunciation of the unjust and illegitimate republic and the restoration of the Portuguese monarchy. Viva Portugal!


  1. So it as been 100 years today sicne Portugal ceased to exist, is what your sayng? I quiet agree. I think it will be celibrated by the Rebels though.

    I also think that given todays Pro-Democracy world leaders, the Monarhcy will have to wait on Restoration, as no one in he outside world will admit this was a bad idea.

  2. Monarchy and Catholicism (both of which I believe in) will likely never be able to return to their former place as long as children are sent to government run schools which teach that the current form of government is the ultimate triumph of mankind and that religion and monarchy are archaic remnants of the dark ages of human existence.

  3. I'm sure you're right Christopher, which is probably why in Germany they have made it illegal to home-school your children. Public education is no more than youth indoctrination centers these days.

    Zarove, one could make the argument that the royal support for democracy has prevented a restoration. Salazar was favorable to the idea but the fact that Dom Duarte opposed the "New State" and opposed his colonial wars against the communists probably did not help his chances of being restored. In Spain Franco arranged the restoration because he trusted Juan Carlos and was convinced (wrongly it turned out) that he would continue the Phalangist regime rather than restoring democracy. Of course, in Portugal, had Dom Duarte supported Salazar there still would have been no guarantee given the fact that the regime collapsed shortly after his death anyway.

  4. Mad Monarchist,

    I would like to thank you for an excellent web page. I often read your postings and appreciate your dedication to Monarchism. I was disappointed though, with this tribute to Portugal. The video started out very promising. So much so that I invited my ten year old son and eight year old daughter to finish watching it with me. I was shocked when the video ended with a picture of a scantily "clad" woman. The laptop screen was quickly closed and instead of ending on an inspiring note about the former greatness of Portugal, it left me with the urge to throw my computer out the second story window of my home. The world never ceases to disappoint...

    Shad Watts
    St. Mary's, KS.

  5. I would advise you to toss your machine out at once then because if you spend any time at all on the internet I promise you are going to see things more shocking than a little bare tummy and thighs. My own parents were no liberals or libertarians but as long as no 'naughty bits' were shown did not tend to make a fuss. I suppose I don't either. I've seen more scantily "clad" women at the Vatican. The picture was, I might should add, put in only to show that there some Chinese who evidently still support the Portuguese in Macau.

    And btw (I may be going 'off' here but you are dealing with a crazy person), if you are this easily outraged I have a hard time believing you have been reading this blog much at all as some issues are certainly not for younger eyes. I would also say that if you are the sort of person who is that sensitive to showing a little skin you should probably watch *everything* in its entirety before calling in your children.

    Just a tip, depraved disappointment to protective parent.

  6. Mad Monarchist,

    I have been following your blog for some time, and have read through the entirety of the archives. I must say I admire your dedication to Monarchism and your respect for traditional authorities such as the Roman Catholic Church.
    This video is very well put together (despite the scantily clad women referred to by another commenter - I'm sure we've all seen worse), and I must say I had never previously listened to this song, even if I knew the tune. The lyrics inspire great feelings of nostalgia and sorrow.
    Again, thank you for all your sterling work. One last question: How would you recommend someone like myself learn to argue for monarchism better? I find myself unable to properly express how great the system and concept is, much to my frustration.

    Yours with Great Respect,
    Aurelien J. Nicot, a French Monarchis

  7. Mon dieu this is so funny! I mean, for you of all people to get that, my friend, is so funny I can't stop laughing. Probably the most strict religious guy I know and you're harming the children! I'm sorry, is so funny to me! This person better stay away from my stuff or will be probably dead from shock!

  8. Oh don't you laugh at me, I ought to kick your Belgian hinder for sending it to me in the first place! And yes, that's an important tip, your stuff should be avoided like the plague -your vids get as close to the line as possible. Shame on you -you're worse than me!

    To Monsieur Nicot, I have argued monarchism many, many times with quite a diverse array of people and I am often asked this question. The problem is, there is no 'one size fits all' answer. Part of that is because monarchy itself is so diverse, is not like a political ideology you can label easily. My trick was always to tailor my argument to the person I was addressing. Sometimes this meant making a case for certain persons or monarchial models I do not particularly like. Usually that involved dealing with a very ultra-liberal, very anti-monarchist person in which I had to start by just getting them to soften up on the idea of monarchy and not view it as their ultimate enemy.

    If dealing with a good Christian there are Biblical arguments you can make, if they are Catholic there is plenty of tradition and Papal words of wisdom to use. If dealing with a very patriotic, nationalistic person you can use examples of great royal heroes of the past to associate the monarchy with national greatness.

    Sometimes you can even use a person's prejudice to their advantage. For instance, alot of Mexicans despise the United States, so I point out that the U.S. opposed the monarchy in Mexico and supported Juarez. Since they think everything America has ever done has been bad for them, that has made a few think twice about their assumptions regarding Emperor Maximilian. Likewise, Mongolians are not too fond of the Chinese, so I point out that the first time Mongolia was without a Khan it was because of their occupation by Chinese republican troops and it is still the Chinese who most object to the return of Mongolia's would-be monarch.

    There have been so many different varieties of monarchy that I try to use that to my advantage in an argument. In the case of France one thing I have said in a number of arguments was the case of longevity. The kingdom existed for a thousand years and yet in little more than 200 years since France is already on its fifth effort at a republic. Not exactly an inspiring record. I have thought about doing a post on this subject -argument tips for monarchists, and I may yet do it, but I also don't want to give away any tricks to the republicans who troll this blog constantly.

    Anyway, hope that helps and thanks for reading.

  9. Mad Monarchist, regarding arguments in favour of monarchy - the republicans will find out and will try and counter, and the cycle of deconstruction and reconstruction will continue.

    Certainly, I agree that the modern state education system is very biased (an understatement of a most sincere kind) against monarchy and Christianity. It is hard to believe that people look for answers in the West in other cultural traditions without even knowing their own first (it's amazing, and culturally suicidal).

    And republicanism is the great flowering of this cultural illiteracy, throwing away tradition and history in favour of trying something new. Alas, they try something new so often that they can never seem to settle, and it's causing a real ruckus right across the world.

    It's sad indeed when one's taproot to Eden has been severed, especially on so large a scale.

    But hope remains! Keep spreading the word, and who knows where it might end.

  10. And I fear these cultural traitors will destroy all others around the world as well, because their ultimate aim is uniformity -not diversity. They have no respect for their own culture and only pretend to have respect for others. Their pretended support of other cultures, simply because they are not their own, when they have no real understanding of them at all -sickens me!

    For example -Catholics who go to Buddhist meditation "camps". I have nothing but respect for Buddhists, my godmother is a Buddhist, but any Catholic who would go to something like that has no understanding of their own religion and most of the people doing that sort of thing have no real understanding of genuine Buddhism at all either. These people sing the praises of some watered down version of some other religion or culture for no other reason than that they are not they own. You see the same things with Muslims in the west. These people pretend to be friends to Muslims just because they are not Christians but a truly Islamic society would horrify them and they would never really support that either.

    End of the day, their ultimate goal is no culture at all, no religion at all, no diversity, -nothing. End of the day, they want a world like Mao's China; everyone poor, state controls everything, everyone wears uniforms and no one goes to church.

  11. Among my stack of CDs at work is the "Rough Guide to the Music of Portugal" which I've played while working at my desk. I got this CD by ordering it through Barnes & Noble last year. It's really a wonderful listen. Maybe I'll have to drag it back out again...

  12. The Irony is you keep hearign the opposite from them. Democracy leads to tolerance, diversity, freedom, individual rights, and of coruse, unity. Eerythign else is enslavement. Yet it seems the Opposie is True. Denmocracy is only allowed if the peopl make the "Right" choices, society is perpetually at war with itself, what one can and cannot say is heavily monitored, individual rights are subsumed by communal considerations, and no one is permitted to live as they please, only however the politiclaly corect machine determines is acceptable.

  13. A video done by me...about Portugal...past...tradicional but also modern and with future.

    Viva Portugal Viva o Rei!


  14. to Aurelien J. Nicot:
    in few short words, the main reason monarchy is philosophically better than a republic is because monarchy stresses more on the obligation or duty of a monarch while republic is putting right above obligation, especially during election days. you can read the full extent of my opinion on this blog (june 2010 Monarchy is not tyranny)


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