Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mad Monarchist Salute: Miss California

I have mixed feelings about beauty pageants, say what you will about the good causes they champion it still seems like objectification at worst and at best simply further glorification of the beautiful. I like a pretty face as much as the next guy, but I never met a beautiful person who did not know it and they are usually celebrated enough without winning any contests. However, I have to give credit to Carrie Prejean of California, runner-up in the Miss USA pageants for displaying on national television that her beauty is not just skin deep. In a deplorable effort to politicize a beauty pageant (as liberals love to politicize *everything*) one of the judges; a radical homosexual activist self-dubbed Perez Hilton, asked Miss Prejean what her view on "gay marriage" was. To my surprise, and with the audience booing in the background, Miss California responded, in a very respectful way, that according to her faith marriage was between a man and a woman -end of story. Needless to say Perez Hilton gave her a "zero" for her answer and thus cost her the crown. He later went on his video blog and insulted Miss Prejean in the most vile language and admitted that she lost because of her answer. He said she should have supported "gay marriage" or simply dodged the question. However, to her credit, in a later interview Miss Prejean said she did not regret her answer and that it was more important for her to be "Biblically correct" than "politically correct". I don't know anything else about her, but I can see for myself that she is qualified to win a simple beauty pageant and for giving up her chance to stand by her religious convictions the Mad Monarchist salutes Carrie Prejean.

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