Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tragedy in the Netherlands

Tragedy struck the Netherlands when a murderous would-be assassin in Apeldoorn plowed through a crowd of people and through a barricade in his car in an attemp to kill HM Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Royal Family. Five people were killed in the attack and thirteen others, including the driver, were seriously injured. So far the police believe that the driver acted alone and is not connected with any radical groups but that he did admit to trying to kill the Queen and that the Orange Royal Family (who were riding in an open-top bus) were his intended targets. The Police have also released information that the man had recently been fired from his job and was about to be evicted from his home. So, it may be yet another "economy-related" killing spree such as we have seen before in recent times. Of course, what no one would be able to explain is how this man's personal misfortunes were somehow the fault of his monarch. In all probability this was a senseless act that has no understandable reason behind it. My only possible theory would be class hatred. Lately we have seen alot of efforts by socialists politicians around the world to increase their own power by stirring up class envy and class hatred; to rally the suffering poor to their side by laying the blame for their misfortunes on the wealthy upper-class. That, combined with the fact that this man had just lost his job and could not pay for his home while Queen Beatrix is well known as one of the wealthiest royals in the world may be a possible motive for this lunatic. If so, it only proves how dangerous it is when politicians try to play the blame-game for their own advantage when, truth be told, they are the ones who are most responsible for the condition of the economy around the world. I am only sad that the European Union does not have the death penalty as an option for this maniac. Had he done such a thing where I live it would certainly be his fate. I join all others in sending my sympathy to the Orange dynasty, the Dutch Queen and all her subjects and my prayers go out to the injured and the families of all those who have been killed. May they rest in peace and may the killer swiftly recieve the justice he so richly deserves. *Additional note: The murderous driver has evidently died of his injuries. So much the better in my book as his punishment is now in the hands of the Almighty and I have no doubt as to his current destination.


  1. This was certainly a very shocking attack; tragic.

  2. A very tragic event. I fear for the joyful and laid back Koniginnendag in the Netherlands. I hope the Dutch people will continue to celebrate the Royal Family in the usual manner next year and beyond.

    Murderes like this one should not be able to ruin this good tradition to honour the Queen and the House of Oranje-Nassau.


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