Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day -As if it needed it...

Today is "Earth Day", the official holiday for all the greenie, environmentalist, "save the whales", tree-hugging hippes. Now, before I start sounding too evil, let me assure you that I do not want to see the environment ruined, I like fresh air, clean water and all the rest. I have lived in the country all my life and find myself unable to tolerate urban life for more than a week at a time. However, I think the militant environmentalists are nothing more than mindless morons who are being used by hypocritical power-hungry politicians with an agenda --and "saving the planet" is not it. Think about it (please): Today President Barack Hussein "the One" Obama went to Iowa to mark Earth Day at a wind farm. Understand? He flew his massive presidential jet half-way across the continent, going to and from the airport in a fleet of large, heavy, gas-guzzling limos to have a photo-op at a wind farm to discuss environmentalism. It's enough to make your head explode. Then there are the "green" lightbulbs that are being pushed, mostly by the left-wing NBC network which just happens to be owned by General Electric. They say these mercury-filled bulbs are more environmentally friendly (couldn't possibly be that GE just want to make a profit) but these bulbs are made by Mao's army of blue ants in Communist China whereas the old bulbs are made in the USA (Kentucky I think). So, buying the "environmentalist" bulbs means you are supporting the economy of Red China, one of the largest polluters in the world, and the bulbs then have to be shipped in massive freighters all the way across the Pacific Ocean, chugging diesel fuel and pouring out black smoke, to get to California and then be shipped in big smoke-and-pollution spewing semi-trucks all across the US instead of buying the old bulbs made right here.

Our messianic President also says that the US will prosper on a new wave of "green jobs" and that we will export "green energy" to the world in the future if his plans are put into effect. Exactly what could these be? Windmills and solar farms are not exactly labor-intensive the way that oil wells are. Nor are hydroelectric dams. And how does one export "green energy"? Are we going to send our sunshine and wind overseas? How does that work? Perhaps he is referring to carbon credits -the environmentalist equivalent of selling indulgences? However, the bottom line is that these politicians are pushing this only to increase their own power and to take away your independence. The whole thing is built on a lie anyway that only the supremely arrogant modern masses could fall victim to. According to these same scientists who push this stuff, the earth has existed for about 4 billion years. These same scientists say that human life has existed for only about 1 or 200,000 years of that time. Of that period we humans have only been engaged in heavy industry for the last 2oo years. Do you have any idea how insignificant 200 is compared to 4 billion? Only people as infinitely arrogant as people today are could think that 200 years of humanity could destroy a planet that is 4 billion years old.

The earth will be fine -if anyone destroys the earth it is going to have to be God -not us. Common sense methods are fine to preserve and improve the quality of our own lives but so far I don't see much of that happening. What I do see is alot of scare-mongering, exaggeration and doom & gloom meant to put everyone into a panic over "global warming" so that politicians can clamp down control over international trade, industry, taxation and, yes, our own private lives. The earth does not win, the politicians do and be it the socialist Obama, the socialist Gordon Brown or the socialist Hu Jintao their basic, underlying ideology is all the same. They are the hunters and we are the prey and they'll pick away at our rights while saying 'Happy Earth Day'.

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