Sunday, November 29, 2009

Royal News Around the World

Some good news for monarchists! In an evening vote on the 25th the Caribbean island nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines decided to retain HM Queen Elizabeth II as their sovereign. Regular readers will know how I feel about the fate of any monarchy being left up to a popular vote, but nonetheless it is good news the way it turned out. After the string of republican victories following the break-up of the British Empire it is good to add another country to the list of those who have voted to keep their monarchy. So, enjoy the monarchist victory when it comes and long live Queen Elizabeth II of St Vincent and the Grenadines!

Unfortunate news from the Spanish Borbon dynasty. It has been officially announced that HRH Infanta Elena will be getting a divorce from her husband, Jaime de Marichalar who has lost his noble status as a result. It is sad but not really surprising as the two have been apart for about the last two years. Both have said they remain on good terms and wish to remain so to do what is best for their children. The Infanta and Don Jaime were married in Seville in 1995 and have two children.

HM King Abdullah II of Jordan did one of the greatest things any reigning monarch can do: dissolve parliament. The country had been in an uproar since the last elections which many declared to be unfair, giving too much a voice to the less populated rural regions at the expense of urban areas. King Abdullah dissolved parliament, called for new elections and new electoral regulations charging them to make it all as fair and transparent as possible.

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