Friday, November 13, 2009

The Canadian Royal Visit

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have ended their trip to the Dominion of Canada and everyone seems to be using this as an excuse to take swipes at the monarchy. It is astounding to me; the United States gloats, the Canadian republicans sneer and even British malcontents retroactively proclaim that the whole purpose of the visit was to strengthen monarchist support so the 'Great White North' does not slip away when Charles takes the throne. The media reports that the visit attracted little attention after a conscious decision on their part not to cover it thoroughly -go figure. They did, however, make sure to point out every place along the war where anti-monarchy protestors were present to cause a delay or make a scene. To top it all off, I am told, upon the departure of the couple the CBC ran a news documentary on how the days of the monarchy in Canada were numbered.

This is all simply absurd. Charles and Camilla are not my favorite royal couple in the world but they do not deserve being the subjects of protest, nor should their be any doubt about the ability of Charles to be a decent 'King George VII'. The media, the educational system and etc in Canada, like most of the rest of the world, is dominated by the liberal elites. They see to it that Canadians are not taught about the importance of the monarchy and then proudly report that Canadians feel no connection to the Crown. They do no news stories on the monarchy, and when they do always refer to it as "British" rather than "Canadian" and then merely mention that the royals attract little interest. And, of course, any time the subject comes up the republican retinue is let out of their cages to pour scorn on the monarchy. Opposition is largely not allowed but when they do trot out the odd monarchist it is usually one so safely half-witted that their only argument is something along the lines of 'we should stay a monarchy because we've always been a monarchy'. Not exactly a rousing defense of the Canadian Crown.
Maybe it is coming from the place I do but I cannot fathom so many people being ignorant, indifferent or hostile to the very foundation of their government and their entire national history and culture. Of course this is the same Canada that a few decades back decided to scrap their national flag for a new design -something else I cannot comprehend, not that there is anything wrong with the modern Maple Leaf flag but there was nothing wrong with the Red Ensign either. I would also point out that Canada had at least two opportunities to become a republic in the past; during the American War for Independence and the War of 1812 and they certainly didn't seem very keen on the idea back then. I also cannot abide those who seem to think that becoming a republic will mean an end to hereditary privilege. Have these people never heard of the Kennedy dynasty, the Bush clan or the number of seats in the U.S. senate that have been held by the same family for generations?
Monarchists in Canada are putting up a fight, but if I could be so bold as to offer some advice they need to put aside their traditional Canadian politeness and point out that even the most successful republics are far from the utopia many seem to think (and give examples) and also point out that in most republics they would not be able to argue against their own form of government as they currently have the freedom to. It also seems particularly distasteful this soon after Armistice Day (or whatever you choose to call it) considering how many Canadians fought and died in the cause of King and Country. Turning your back on history will not change it or make it go away and there are many people living in republics around the world who would love the chance to enjoy the freedom, stability and prosperity that Canada has enjoyed as a constitutional monarchy.


  1. The current head of the Monarchist League of Canada is particularly weak, unfortunately.

  2. Well, it wouldn't be any of my business to comment on such a thing, but I can say I have heard the same sentiment expressed before by other Canadian monarchists.

  3. I think that the weakness of the current head of one of the many Canadian Monarchist Groups is not really as significant as the educational and media concerns.

    20 years ago, Canada was more COnservative than America, and Canadians even went to Church mroe than Americans did. Nowaday, Ive spoken to Canadians who have told me Canada was alays mroe liberal than the US and always less Religious. (To too many reliigous means Christian. The Secularists are religious too, they just have a different religion.) Moern Canadians don't even understand that in the 1960's most Canadians, with the obvious exception of Quebecis, considered themselves British.

    People are basically indocternated to beelive in a revisionist version fo events that reads like a MArxist narrative of class struggle leadign to the higher state of a Socialist, secular Democracy, and arent given a chance to see any other point of view. They think this makes them tolerant.

    If Canada looses its Monarhcy, it will be moe due to those forces than through the direct weakness of any leader in the Monarchist movement. Though such weakness is certianly not appriciated.

  4. CTV was fairer to the Royal Couple and said:

    During their Canadian tour the royal couple made stops in Ottawa, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, and St. John's, and toured Olympic sites in Vancouver.

    Charles and Camilla were well-received at most of their stops, but were greeted in Montreal by separatist protesters who threw eggs at soldiers and chanted anti-monarchy slogans.

    Despite those protests, CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said the demonstrations were minimal and the couple "was greeted very warmly by Canadians." He said overall the trip was a success.

  5. The Monarchist blog is run by Canadians, though they have contributors from a few other countries as well (only occasional, however).

    As an aside, you touch on a point that I find greatly ironic - America, that great republic, is not a land of communistic equality. It is rather what I term an "aristocratic republic", where a landed (ie wealthy) elite rule (I mean, come on, you can't even make a bid for President unless you're a millionaire). And when those who hold political power are intent on expanding their reach, as appears the case now, it is certainly something to be worried about.

    Still, I doubt Canada will become a republic. All you need to ask is "Do you really want to be America-lite?", and no Canadian worth their salt would abolish it. It's one of the few things that guarantees Canadian cultural, and ultimately political, independance from the giant south of the border.

  6. This must be the CBC documentary you are talking about:


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