Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fourth Monarchist Victim in Iran

The Radical Royalist in Australia reports on the fourth Iranian monarchist to be sentanced to death in the recent crackdown. This is very important, monarchists everywhere should be outraged by this and all pan-monarchists should respond and make their feelings known! Check the article for a link to sign the petition for the release of Iranian political prisoners, many monarchists being among them.


  1. Signed and promoted the petition on a Dutch monarchy hyves. Hopefully this will lead a sufficiently international outrage.

  2. Vincent, don't cont on International Outrage. We live in an age that advances Democracy, and that see's us as every bit as tyrannical as the Regeme in Tehran. The media will ignore this except for a few select venues, mainly Monarchist or Monarch friendly.

    Now if this had been the Death of a Pro-Democracy advocate, then he woudl instantly become a Martyr for the cause of Liberty and Freedom and be hailed as a Hero, with a deafenign cry of outrage at his Death arising from the constant news reports.

    But if you support Monarhcy, you die alone as far as the Media and contemporary culture are concerned.

  3. Have just signed the petition. Thus far there are (if I have correctly understood the French commentary at the site) 57,600 signatures.


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