Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank God She's Gone


  1. I just saw Mark Steyn remark to his American publisher, on the matter of toasting the Queen, that "When Obama is through with you, you'll be begging for Canadian citizenship." (It's right at the start, and hear the cheers as he says that!)

    Incidentally, I think Barbie wants a break too.

  2. That's actually already happened to some extent. Right after Obama's "Wallstreet crackdown" a record number of Americans working in the UK were lined up to exchange their US passports for British ones. With Obama's plan for hyper-regulation it seemed to them that their business would be better served under "Call me Dave" Cameron -oath to the Queen not withstanding!

  3. And, btw, thanks for the link. Steyn is always entertaining but I particularly agreed with his words about "diversity" which today invariably leads to uniformity in the spreading global mono-culture.

  4. She's planning to hang around as minority leader. I would be surprised if a few of the Blue Dog Democrats didn't defect.

  5. Did you get this idea from Rush Limbaugh? :P

  6. Sort of. Heard it, liked it, wouldn't have done anything about it until I heard the reaction Rush got over it and, what can I say, I do enjoy annoying the right people. They annoy me enough so I figure it's fair.

  7. Now now now, you know full well that we as Monarchists are all Liberal Socialists who love Obama and Pelosi right? I mean, just listen to Mitt ROmney, Glenn Beck, or the Tea Party, the Liberals are todays Monarchists and Monarhcy is Liberal...

    ...That aside, while I'm glad Pelosi is gone, though not fully gone, I don't think the current Republicans will secure the best interest of America either. They are still too invested in the currnt fiat currency, the current bankign methods, ands Federal supremacy over the States.

    The situation has improved, but it is by no means perfect.

  8. Oh certainly. You know Glenn Beck recently came out on stage dressed as a king and said he told the costume shop he wanted something that looked "liberal-progressive" and that's what he came up with. Even Republicans I know were confused by that one.

    Only in America.

    I also do not have much faith in "Bailout" Boehner and as much as the GOP says Obama still doesn't "get it" to a large extent I don't think they do either but some do know what sort of noise they need to make at the moment.

  9. I get it. Its a Trend in the Neo-Conservative movement. Americans have a Knee Jerk reaction to Monarchy, and the Tea Party and other modern Neocons are trying to galvanise their support base, by linking today’s Struggle with the American Revolution. It was a Small step from there to linking themselves with the American Patriots who fought that war in 1776, and because they are the Patriots, the Liberals who they oppose must be the Loyalists.

    There is also a tendency in Humanity of lumping everything you don't like together as if its all the same thing.

    So today’s Neocons often think of Monarchy and Communism as the same ideal, the Ideology of Slaves, and the veneration of Tyranny. There is no, absolutely no evaluation of the actual Philosophy, and may of the Rank-And-File in these movements do not even know the first thing about either. To them, they are both just “Rule by Elites who think they know more about how to run our lives for us than we do!”

    To them a King is a guy who sits on a Throne and who barks out orders whilst living in Luxury, and who gains fabulous wealth by imposing massive Taxes while the working man becomes poor. They also seem to think a King will just Impose dictatorial rules onto everyone else and sits in an easy life. They also think Communism, or all Liberals, are the same way, just Elitists who want to bark out orders and steal their money Via Taxes. Same Ideology.

    When I explain tot hem that Communism is actually about he Abolition of a Class System, and is interested in creating a True Social Democracy, they think I am an uneducated lunatic or a flaming Liberal. (Which I am anyway as a Monarchist.)

    Its simply that they merge the Two together.

    They also see both Liberals and Monarchists as being Anti-Religion, people who hate God and prefer Reason. I wonder why Reason and belief in God are seen as Antithetical to them, but its not the biggest problem. Most Monarchies that have ever existed have had State Churches, while most Republics are Ardently Secular.

    When I explain tot hem that Monarchists do not hate God and usually support the Church far better than Republics, they insist that Monarchists are somehow godless and Americas Founders were all Saintly men driven by Biblical Principles.

  10. They also have this default: You are either a Conservative or you are a Liberal. If you are a Conservative, you love America, the Founding Fathers, and Christianity. But to Love these things you must agree that Christianity is the basis f the American Society, Americas Founders were Devout, and that America itself is modelled after the Scriptural Description in the Bible of Israel before Israel Sinned and became a Monarchy. If you are a Liberal you hate all those things and want a sort of Atheistic Dictatorship to be imposed.

    That is literally how they think.

    As to Glenn Beck, he also mocked a man in Tennessee who had lost his house, three dogs, and a cat, because the Fire Department in Fulton Tennessee did not Extinguish his fire as he had not paid up. He even mocked the mans Southern Accent.

    This was just DAYS after his “Restoring Honor” Rally in Washington DC where he said we needed to bring America back to God.

    Living in Tennessee its bad enough people think all of the State is like Obion (Its not) but having Beck mock and berate a man who just lost everything he owns, and is now Homeless, and to make fun of his Southern Accent, was just beyond the Pale. I know many Mormons and trust me, the Mormon Church does not, nor has it ever, Sanctioned such behaviour, and he was inherently Anti-Christian in his Conduct, yet the NeoCOns still see him as a God Blessed leader who has it all right.

    Personally I am not too shocked. Glen Beck is simply Capitalising on the Image that Monarchy is evil, and Liberal Progressives are supportive of this. Its what he does. Facts do not matter to him, and never have. What matters Is riling people up to get his own way.

    The real problem is that linking Patriotism, a specific political ideology, Capitalism, and Christianity together created this sort of bizarre form of each that drapes itself in, and depends upon, the others. Somehow being a Good Christian means you are a Good American Patriot, and being a Good American Patriot means you are a Conservative American who holds to the same basic values as the Tea Party. They filter everything through a very narrow, and often ill informed, matrix of information, and never bother to Study the reality.

    They don’t study what Christianity actually is, they study it as a sort of Cultural Emblem, that they love Jesus and have accepted him as Saviour and Jesus was a Free market Capitalist who voted Republican and fought in the American Revolution against the Obama-like King George the Third, who was an absolute monarch and how taxed the Colonies so he could get rich. They also believe Jesus would let a mans house Burn Down with his Animals inside it because Gosh, he didn’t pay a Private Service Fee, and it perfectly OJ to mock said man, who just lost his home, especially if he’s a Southern Hick! I mean, he’s a Redneck Hllbilly! Yeehaw! Real Christians know, if you don’t pay, you don’t play. That’s in the Bible I bet.

    No Joke, it probably is, they even have a “Conservative Bible” now…

  11. Oh, how did I miss this? What fun! Tossing Nancy out as Speaker is almost good enough to make it worth having election day again.

    Meanwhile, I suppose, if Ms. Pelosi tires of being a backbencher, there are bound to be other good employment opportunities for her. Someplace a dungeon is certain to need a new Dominatrix.

  12. If the hierarchy in California had any backbone she'd be excommunicated. But, alas...


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