Saturday, November 13, 2010

Royal News Roundup

Starting in the Far East, on Tuesday HM King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia participated in celebrations marking the 57th anniversary of the independence of the Kingdom of Cambodia from the French Republic. Tens of thousands of people turned out in Phnom Penh to join their in marking the occasion. Cambodia was part of the French ‘Union of Indochina’ alongside what are now Laos and Vietnam. French rule lasted some 90 years in Cambodia before independence was secured by the predecessor of the current monarch King Norodom Sihanouk.

In Africa the King of Swaziland, HM Mswati III, has reportedly married yet again. It is not known exactly how many wives the African king has but this latest edition is estimated to be number 14 or 15. However, she was not chosen among the virgins of each tribe presented at the annual reed dance that Swaziland is famous for. Rather, the lady in question is said to already have a couple of children by the King so they must have known each other for some time. A two-day celebration was held for the event, to which traditional royals from across Africa were invited, the King of Buganda being one of those reportedly in attendance. Also in Africa, we have the rather odd story of a President campaigning to become a monarch. News sources say that tribal leaders are petitioning the, rather eccentric, President of Gambia to assume the position of King of the tiny west African country, a British possession until 1965. Opponents of the President say this is all being orchestrated by the administration as a way to hold on to power after the next election. The administration claims it is simply the result of people grateful to their President for his policies and leadership. President Yahya Jammeh first took power in a coup in 1994 but has since been elected. He is mostly known for his claim to have found cures for everything from AIDS to asthma and his threat to have homosexuals beheaded.

Her Highness Princess Martha Louise of Norway was in the Belgian port of Antwerp to sign copies of her latest book “Discover Your Guardian Angel”. The Princess has been the subject of a great deal of criticism recently over her rather unorthodox ideas about health and spirituality. I will admit that I find some of what I have read a bit disconcerting myself. However, most of what I have heard about the controversy surrounding the Princess sounds like much ado about nothing. She believes in holistic medicine (so do a great many other people) and she talks to angels. I see nothing wrong with talking to your guardian angel, I don’t do it (wouldn’t want to distract the poor fellow) but I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with it if you do. Some have called for her to be excommunicated from the Lutheran Church of Norway, which I find rather ridiculous, again, not because I think she is a traditional sort of Christian but rather because so much non-traditional behavior is tolerated I see no reason why the Princess should be singled out for such treatment. I was glad when, late last month, the King issued a statement standing by his controversial daughter saying that whether he agrees or disagrees with his children, he always loves them. Well done King Harald!

In Great Britain HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall made the first royal visit to the Irish Embassy in London which many see as a prelude to a visit by the Queen to the Republic of Ireland next year. The reception was a complete success and at least some are warming to the idea of a royal visit to Ireland. Unionist leader Ian Paisley, now Lord Bannside, said such a visit would be important to the developing relationship between the United Kingdom and the Irish republic. This week the Queen was also given her own Facebook page, attracting thousands of on-line supporters from around the world in just the first few hours of operation. Unfortunately, anti-royalists were also quick to target the page, demonstrating their treasonous mentality, bad manners and monumental lack of class. The page will keep people informed of royal events day to day. On Armistice Day HRH the Duke of Edinburgh attended a special wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey, the Duke appearing visibly moved by the event.

Last weekend His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI spent two days in Spain where he met with Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia as well as the Prince and Princess of the Asturias. The Pontiff came to Spain to consecrate a basilica in Barcelona, draw attention to the pilgrimage history of Spain and of course to carry on his continuing struggle against the crashing tide of secularism. The fact that the Pope now finds it necessary to do so in Spain of all countries says a lot about who is winning the “culture war” in modern Europe. The Pope was rather more outspoken than even he has been known to be (and thank God for it) about how liberal Spain has become in recent years with the legalization of gay “marriage” and the almost complete legalization of abortion. The depth of feeling on the secularization of Spain must be understood in the context of the fact that Spain was, for a very long time, seen as the most solidly Catholic and zealously orthodox country in Europe. This is contrasted today with the Pope being met by protestors on his visit to Spain, particularly homosexuals intent not just on voicing their opposition to the Pope and the Catholic Church but to intentionally offend the Pontiff and Catholic sensibilities by holding mass public same-sex ‘shows of affection’ as I will term it. What was that verse in the Bible about the King of Israel, “how the mighty have fallen”?


  1. Sacred Scripture is replete with civilians talking with their Guardian Angels. Such conversations should be prefaced with the Holy Name as the enemy Angels of the Divine Empire of Our Lord are want to stick their oar in and undermine our pathway home. My Angel is always good in keeping me on track, assisting me at work, reminding me to pray more and even finding my keys when I misplace them. Thank our Dear Creator for assigning these heavenly Princes to watch our footsteps Home. Deo Gratias.

  2. It could be less affected by what you write, the liberalism of my country, political representation of what is general relativism in Spain, it is becoming more entrenched from parliament and the lack of seriousness of the institutions does not guarantee their survival, when His Eminence Cardinal Sistach, Barcelona, authorizes an act of disgust to the Holy Father in a parish in his diocese while attached to the brave on his tour of the city, traditional Catholics are ostracized by our representatives in many dioceses, well as other areas that would enable social regeneration, so that Spain is no longer today, "The Sword of Christendom."


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