Thursday, November 4, 2010

More of My Fan Mail

Yes, The Mad Monarchist is still getting plenty of mail from my adoring fans. Since everyone seemed so impressed the last time, I decided to post some of the praise I have been sent since then. See how I am loved:

You are a liar piece of ****!
[short and to the point]

French Empire in Mexico?????????
…MadMonarchist……….YOU ARE A LIAR!
[This person had trouble grasping the idea there were forces of the French Empire in Mexico but Mexico was not part of the French Empire]

You are the most stupid ignorant person living in USA
[Wow! I would call that an accomplishment! Think of the competition I beat out.]

MadMonarchist IS A LIAR!
Go back to read more books of history
[A pity this helpful fan did not mention what I lied about]

MadMonarchist or you have nothing smar tot say.
[Someone got a computer for their kindergarten graduation!]

I love how you cry about communism killing when Capitalism killed over a billion people. Yeah blind eye right?
[These are quite common but this one was directed at me rather than the point being made. I'm sure that this person is absolutely right -and the Berlin wall was built to keep the West Germans out...]

What the Hell you Are
You’re not thai You’ll never understand why we have The Monarchy
GOOD Monarch NOt bad Monarch At ALL
Come To me I’ll Knock your whole family down
[Either someone was using a bad web translator or being 'knocked down' means something alot worse in Thailand. I'm more confused by the fact that someone would say this to your humble blogger who has always been a defender of the revered King of Thailand]

You're a homophobic ****. Watch your back ******.
[Somehow I doubt it is my 'back' that would be in danger around this guy]

I get tired of people like you who are so stupid to think Hitler was not a right-wing guy or anything like us democrats.
[Never mentioned the democrats as being nazis, of course I often condemn socialism so I suppose it is only natural he assumed I meant the Democrats]

WOW! Well maybe you should all just grow up out of that little bubble you try so hard to make and inside of it you fester upon things that that you have absolutely NO right to be talking of in such a way. So before you even venture to continue this charade go back to school and learn your history.
[written by a big fan of Jack Chick who in his own extensive schooling did not seem to learn about run-on sentences]

Mad Monarchist you have absolutely NO understanding of the Imperial House of Russia. Everything here is lies!
[And again I am afraid my lies will continue until one of these people bothers to be specific]

Up your @ss tight wade!
[One of my favorites, the misspelling giving it that little something extra. Was this someone who asked me for money sometime?]


  1. LOL, I suppose your devotees just don't want to bore you by adding to your well-framed arguments with lengthy posts. Hence, they express their adulation in pithy witticisms rather than redundant commentary.

  2. I do appreciate those who keep in short and simple, my time being very limited these days. Lately it seems there are a greater number of which I have absolutely no idea as to the subject being addressed. There are some issues that I know full well are going to provoke a hail of ha- that is, 'fan mail' but then there are some that make me wonder if these people even know who they are talking to or if they typed in the wrong address or something.

  3. You get bonus points for the Jack Chick reference. ;P

  4. Good gracious. Well, I suppose you could take comfort in the fact that their mental attainments are only equaled by their courage.

    Just don't dwell on the idea that they are allowed to vote and drive cars.

  5. These are hilarious, but do you ever get well-written criticism or support letters?

    I'm particularly confused about those who say you have no idea what you are saying about the particular monarchies... Do they support them or not?

  6. Not often. Some that are well-written are usually those with an agenda who write on and on about a subject that has nothing to do with what I was talking about. Those who take the time to think-up my email and write are usually upset about something. There are also some that nasty but not directed at me (often racist or xenophobic types). Anything dealing with Red China is also sure to bring in alot of angry messages.

    As for the last part -I'm at a loss. A while back I got several messages from self-proclaimed Mexican monarchists who were quite angry with me, which is odd as anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I strongly support and defend the Mexican Empires. Same with the one from Thailand. My only idea is that he was using a web translator that screwed up what I said to sound negative. The Russian ones, I am assuming, likely came from someone pushing a conspiracy theory as there has been alot of that going around lately.

  7. Just keep going: final perseverance.

  8. Not many read my blog but I don't get negative comments or email. I think I know some advice for you; simply write in another language no one can understand! It works ;')

  9. Some insecure people get really upset when they come across something that challenges their world-view. The one who wanted you to "go back to school and learn your history" might be such an individual - I suspect that you could run rings around him historically, but that he's upset that you've shaken the cardboard-cutout version of history that he imbibed at school.

    Edward M. Bridle.

  10. You know what? I think you should just send them a choice reply from the Heavy.

    Who sent all these babies to fight?

    And just remember, in Soviet Russia, cart pushes you!

  11. Amazing! And here am I, thinking I have the worst trolls in the universe. I was called "a saggy, baggy old woman living in the past, who ought to be dead."


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