Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Request to Readers

Yesterday on the radio listeners across central and south Texas as well as internet listeners around the world on a certain station heard a tirade against Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as the House of Windsor in general from a certain right-wing bomb thrower. He spent the first segment of his show talking about how stupid it was to talk about William & Kate as most news did the previous morning. That would be absurd enough but he then had to go on a tirade about how all the royals are cousins (William and Kate in his head too) and heaping insults on all the royals, calling them inbred morons, calling Prince Harry a "butt-face" and saying that Kate and William were going to have ugly children and on and on and on. I fired off an email to complain about his rude behavior toward one of America's closest allies and he seemed shocked that anyone would actually be offended by his insults.

I hate to do this but I would like to ask all readers to do the same. I'm sure not everyone will but if just half of the people who read this blog would take a minute to email their displeasure at such insulting behavior it would be significant. I did not, and I would advise others not to expound on the benefits of monarchism -that would be a waste of time in this case and I do not wish to "give that which is holy unto the dogs" but I would really like it if as many of you who read this (I would think readers from the UK, Canada and Australia would be especially motivated) would let your feelings be known that such rude and un-called for insults toward a happy young couple I think it would definitely have an impact and let this guy know that his brand of "humor" is not funny, not appreciated and is offensive to many, many people. I'm sure not everyone will do this (though I would love it if all would) but I make the request because even if only half of the people who follow and read this blog every day would take a minute to send an email it would be a blow against this kind of offensive behavior.

So, if you would like to do something to defend the British monarchy and the future King and Queen of the U.K. and Commonwealth realms send your email to
Thank You.
The (very) Mad Monarchist


  1. Such rude and demeanign Behaviour shoudln't be tolerate din a Civil Society, but todays world is not Civil, and that lack of Moral CHaracter is a large part of why I prefer our Traditinal Culture to todays Modernism.

  2. It should not -and I hope that message is sent. One of things that annoys me about it is that they go against their own egalitarian jargon. They say the royals are 'just like everyone else' and deserve no special treatment, yet they would not be so insulting about anyone else on such a happy occasion.

  3. Egalitarianism is something people only profess, but no one actually believes it. Its rather like the "We, the People" myth. We all know that come election time we will all be at each others throats, and after the election ends those hwo won will claim hey represent the will of the people, and hose hwo lost will deny that the people have spoken.

    further, those in eleted ofdices have highly trimmed images, and are always awarded so much press coverage and so much reverance that they really are no longer part of the common man. Ronald Reagan is not treated as just some guy who lived and who happened ot be President, loads of modern right wingers rever him as highly as any King hss been, just as he is despised by many on the Ledt. Sarah Palin is another good example. She is treated wiht all the diligence and reverance of any Aristocrat, with even the Left Wing media pundits affordign her courteseys thye'd never allow a regular plebian. Obama is not treated like a mere servant either, nor the Clintons.

    The idea that they are juist liek us, and in our Republic we are all equel, all the same, is just pure nonsense.

    But, they are reflective of he Liberalism that our modern society is base don so they are given a Free pass.

    Granted, they ar emocked by political rivals, but most think it out of bounds to attack them on wedding or funeral arangements. Grante Palins Daighter Bristol made the news but, lets face it, that was seen as in bad tatse even wiht Liberals.

  4. Kings always seem to be whipping boy for American politicians. I'll do what I can.

    Interestingly enough, another politician bought up another famous royal.

    I was curious as to what your thoughts on it might be. ;)

  5. I can agree the media spent a lot of time on the engagement announcement. Other royals are have gotten married or will be--why so little attention on them?

  6. I will make it a point to e-mail this person expressing my displeasure as well.

    Congratulations to the couple as well, I was quite happy when I heard of it.

  7. Elisa -they are not British, simple as that. Call it the ties of history but if other royals get married or the King of Spain or the King of Norway comes to visit the US media will take no notice. If a Windsor is married or the Queen comes to town *everyone* pays attention. That is how it has been as long as I can remember, even the Monegasque royals who are half-American don't get as much attention as the British Royal Family. All these centuries later the USA is still very much an Anglo country, even those areas over which the Union Jack never flew.

  8. MM- I have said this before about America as a whole. When I use to post on Theodore Harvey’s board. He argued that if America ever became a Monarchy it'd have to divide up as not all of it was ever British, my argument is that all 50 States are British, with the only possible exception being Hawa'ii.

    Americans have a surprisingly Uniform cultural heritage, and all of them, even those from States that never were under British Colonial Law, view the American Founders as Their Founding Fathers, and all of them view themselves as part of the overall American Story. All of them view the Pilgrims as their people and the first settlement of America (Even though Jamestown was before it). They all see the Colonial Era as "Our" Colonial Era. It was never understood as only belonging to the 13 Original Colonies, or even the greater area including the Indian Lands. Its always been "Us" and "Our Heritage". People in Alaska, which was Russian for Pete’s sake, claim "We" Broke from Britain and "Our" Founders took us into Liberty...

    None of them view their own State History as separate from the overall American History that is seen as shared in common. The History of Americas Revolution is the History told in all 0 States and is part of the overall Mythos of America, a shared, common story that defines what it means to be American. But this also means that King George the Third was, until the Revolution, our collective, shared King. His Predecessors were our Kings and Queens too. The Colonial Era was still a British one, even in the Colonies settled by the Dutch, or even French. It was British law and Order and the British Government and British Crown which ruled, and in the end, British Cultural traditions prevailed.

    The American revolution was not itself even understood with a break form all of this, but a continuation, a sort of development from the ongoing British culture and customs already shared.

    Also, the vast majority of Americans have British or Irish ancestry. Most have explicitly English bloodlines, and Scottish isn’t too uncommon. Something like 40% of all Americans have at least some Irish in them too. Those cultural ties never died really.

    We understand great Britain as “The Motherland”, as the original homeland of our people, either literally in terms of Blood, or in a more abstract, Spiritual way, in terms of Culture and Common Law.

    Basically, Queen Elizabeth is our Queen. Despite the American tendency to reject Monarchy, there is a deeper, Human tendency to revere it, which is one of the most compelling reasons for me to be a Monarchist. it’s the Natural State of Man.

    Lets face it, the Dutch or Spanish or Moroccan Monarchs never sat on the Thrones of America, and aren’t part of America’s great cultural History and development, and Americans just aren’t Drawn tot hem, because, even though Americans fought to break from the Monarchy, tis still our Culture, rooted in that Monarchy, that matters to us.

    This is not to belittle other Monarchies, but it is simply how Americans react, longing for our Royalty though not wanting to Admit it.

  9. I thought you might want to know what Mr. Pagliarulo responded to my e-mail:

    "Lighten up."

    And that's it. Sent from his iPhone as well, it would seem. I was expecting an angry rant, to be honest.

  10. He included that in his response to me as well, though I doubt he'd have the same attitude if someone insulted the Bush twins or the Obama girls in such a way. Come to think of it you should have emailed him in French (he claims to speak it) -that would have confused him!

    Zarove, overall you are correct but things are not *quite* that uniform. More Americans have German or Scots-Irish ancestry than English and states in the southwest which are now predominately Hispanic see no cultural ties with Britain at all (nor much with Spain for that matter). However, the American government is riddled with traditions inherited from the British, many in ways people do not even realize, and that will continue on for as long as the government exists and wherever it holds sway.

    If I can force myself to listen to Pags today I suppose I will see how many obliged me on this request. Friday is the 'talk-back' show and if enough people complained I'm sure he will mention it.

  11. He also said "Lighten up" to me, and what if he thinks we're all the same person?

  12. Well, top of the show today he said two people emailed him (he's guessed they were British -so congratulations to Aurelian and Zarove on your change of nationality) and that anyone expecting an apology from him should hold their breath till they suffocate.


    Of course, this is why I had hoped that more people would have done the same. The only reason anyone insults someone else like this is because they think that no one cares or that they will just take it. I was hoping to prove that such was not the case.

  13. I added my email (and told him outright I am a loyal subject of the Queen of Australia), for what it's worth. I'd also like to listen to the original rant myself, just so I can tell whether they're worth much more than a facepalm.

    Jacob, if I might go so far as to say that the analogy is more one of distance than of actual heredity. A monarch is seen as distant (though I recall watching a documentary where Louis XIV could actually be approached and petitioned by the lowliest commoner in the court at Versailles), and Obama too. Distance means they are also out of touch.

    In Obama's case, I suspect it's the truth. If you did some digging into history (as I suspect Miss Ellmers hasn't), then you will find the comparison is more on of appearances than fact.

  14. To be fair a lot of people had never heard of this man. I hadn’t really till your post. I did visit his website though, and he comes off as very much a Neo-Con. He is a fine example of why I gave up on the modern Conservative revival in America, such as the Tea party. Not only do they think mocking Monarchy is OK, they also that the Liberals of today are the Neo-Monarchists, because we all want “Rule by elites”. They never bother to read what Liberals actually believe in, or understand the Theories behind their policies, much less what Monarchism is.

    That, and the Neo-Cons, for all their preening and hawking, aren’t really any better than the Liberals. They claim they Love and revere Americas Founding Fathers, but project on them all their own beliefs, and act as if all of Americas Founders thought the same thoughts and believed the same things, whilst standing for the “Founding Fathers Ideals” which many of them never held. Example: Loads o them want Term Limits imposed, and actually think this is part of what the Founding Fathers envisioned. Well, if they did, why did they not put it in the Constitution themselves? Of course a lot of them don’t even realise that the Constitution was not around at the Start of the Revolutionary War, or that the much venerated Thomas Jefferson actually opposed its creation, as did Patrick Henry.

    To me the Neo-Cons are not really a vast improvement over the Liberals. Sure they are better, but only to a degree, and even then in some areas they come off as worse. (Glenn Beck mocking a man who had just lost his home and four animals, including ridicule of the mans Southern Accent told me enough about his Christian Love and Charity…) Really the Neo-Cons are themselves a form of Liberalism. They are still obsessed with gaining enough votes to make something moral as if the majority decides such matters and still want to cling to ideas that serve only half the populace’s interests. They both, the Liberals and the Conservatives, mock others. I have too in jest but tend to avoid it now as it can be hurtful. The Liberals and Conservatives today though just mock and berate anyone who is not them, to diminish them.

    I find neither worthy of much Praise.

  15. He has shows out of San Antonio and Austin, covering most of Texas, he frequently guest-hosts for Glenn Beck and has frequently been a pundit on CNN and FNC so as many people who 'keep up' with the cable/sat news cycle have probably heard of him. I very much agree with what you say regarding the Founding Fathers and in my own exchange with the man it came to me how Ben Franklin (before the war) said only good things about the King and how Adams (after the war) was the picture of civility when meeting with King George. They don't seem to be following the example of the Founders in that regard do they?

    Mr Wells, good for you! I appreciate it. I don't know how any good Briton, Canadian, Australian etc could hear such a tirade and not be stirred to action. I'm begining to wonder if this sort of treatment is actually more common in Commonwealth countries that I though. I shudder at the thought we might have come to that.

  16. Glenn Beck makes me want to throw my Televison out the Window... suffice to ssy I've never seen this man guest host for Beck.

  17. I'm in Houston and I've never heard this person. From what I have read here, I won't be tuning in, either.

  18. I will come to the defence of the Royal Family Mad Monarchist, thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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