Monday, March 22, 2010

A Beauty Queen for Queen & Country

I needed something pleasant to distract myself and thought this was an awesome story. Katrina Hodge (22) enlisted in the British Royal Army on a dare from her brother and when she showed up in heels and fake eyelashes she was dubbed "Combat Barbie". I'm sure it surprised many when she passed her training courses and proved a capable soldier. She served a tour of duty in Iraq where she was awarded a commendation for bravery and the rank of lance corporal. Now, she is also a beauty queen with the title of Miss England. She entered the Miss England pageant and came in second but when scandal forced the original winner to resign Miss Hodge took her place as Miss England and now the beauty queen doing her bit for Queen and Country is making alot of buzz. One item is that the lovely lance corporal has convinced pageant officials to do away with the swimsuit competition and replace it with a sports competition. She has also become the front-person for a dating website devoted to helping men and women in uniform find romance. With all of the shallow, superficial and frankly selfish attitudes we often associate with pretty faces today, it is nice for someone to be in the position of a beauty queen who has actually served her Queen in a war zone. Now, so as not to mislead, I tend to have very traditional attitudes about women in the military, but I applaud anyone for serving in uniform and "Combat Barbie" here has hopefully shown others that enlisting in the service of their Queen and Country is an admirable thing that anyone of any background should consider. The Mad Monarchist salutes her for her spirit of service and her loyalty as well as her other obvious qualities.
(there, something totally unrelated to creeping socialism...)

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  1. This is certainly an Inspirational story, and shows that despite appearances, sometimes people can fool you!


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