Monday, June 21, 2010

New Crackdown in Tibet

The communist bandit government in Beijing has recently let loose another wave of persecution on the people of the occupied Kingdom of Tibet, still considered a backlash to the wave of opposition protests a few years ago which were the most widespread since the initial takeover of Tibet by the PRC. However, what is different this time is the sort of people being persecuted, being arrested and given years of "reeducation through labor". The latest people to suffer this fate are people who the PRC had previously held up as model subservient, submissive Tibetans. They have been mostly intellectual and artistic types such as environmentalists, antique dealers, artists and so on; people who most certainly *not* been advocating opposition to the PRC, independence or even real autonomy for Tibet, not the restoration of the XIV Dalai Lama and certainly not the restoration of the Tibetan sacred monarchy as it had been before.

So why is this happening? For one thing, the problem is more widespread following protests over greater Han Chinese migration and development in the far west, particularly Xinjiang where the Uygher population has been a problem for the government. This is something the PRC has been making an effort to deal with lately as, perhaps seeing the potential of the trade ports dropping off with the economic collapse in the west, they have been increasing their influence in central Asia. If the trade at the ports dries up they will have to look into restoring the old "Silk Road" as the primary avenue of trade. The authorities have also obviously been becoming more nervous about the amount of opposition that remains even after the numerous crackdowns and the influx of massive numbers of Han Chinese and of course the usual government strong-arm tactics to discourage foreign government from even listening to the Dalai Lama.

The insecurity of the PRC can be seen in their overreaction to even the slightest hint of opposition to their absolute rule and their extreme sensitivity to the slightest criticism from virtually any source in the western media. The adoption of the vague, socialist liberalism that has settled on most of the world may be easier to hammer into people but Tibetans, like the Uyghers and the Mongols etc, cannot be indoctrinated to the extent that they will not notice the waves of Han colonists moving into their parts of the country. Due to the 1 child policy that has left Red China lacking in women, most of these are single men who take local wives and thus Tibetans and other minorities can see their population being drowned out in a flood of loyal communists. Even outside the borders of China, such as in Outer Mongolia, this trend is being noticed and other minorities are growing increasingly worried that they will soon go the way of the virtually extinct Manchurians.

Of course, the best way to stop this would be a return to traditional authority; for Tibet the full restoration of the Dalai Lama. However, for westerners about all that can be done is to stop depending on cheap Chinese imports. Unfortunately, given the state of the economy in western countries and the failure of US and EU elites to grasp the cause of it, trends would seem to indicate a future even more dependent on cheap Chinese imports and fewer and fewer options for the west when it comes to spending money.

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