Friday, June 18, 2010

MM Video: The Knights of Malta


  1. Interesting video as always. I know this is off topic, but have you thought about doing a post on Saudi Arabia. Personally I think it everything monarchy can be at it's worst, and I'd like to hear your views. Having said that, I admire the Jordanian Monarchy and some of the other middle eastern monarchies which for the most part combining their cultures traditions with modernity quite well.

  2. I probably should do that. I have very mixed feelings about Saudi Arabia, start to finish, but I do think their reputation is often the fault of bad PR as they are not the only religious-absolute monarchy in the world nor are they as backward and archaic as many think. Yet, there are some aspects that can in no way be excused and some of their actions baffle me, supporting schools of thought that seem to produce as many enemies as supporters of the Saudi monarchy.


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