Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Favorite Royal Images: A French Princess

HRH Princess Sophie of Orleans
(Note: this should not be taken as a sign of my opinion regarding the disputed succession one way or the other, I simply find it a lovely picture)


  1. Very beautiful. Is this the same lady as the Sophie d'Orleans who was one of the daughters of Princess Henriette of Belgium, Duchess of Vendome? I know she had a daughter named Sophie, who was sadly handicapped, and died young.

  2. I believe it is. I don't have any other pictures of her quite as good as this one but from other photos of her and family I think this is 'that' Princess Sophie. Very sad what happened, they were all beautiful children.

  3. A bit off topic, but I have managed to get hold of a book by Henriette on Madame Elisabeth of France, sister of Louis XVI. You may recall that Henriette worked for the cause of beatification of Mme. E., so I am most curious to read the book, and I hope to post on it at some point.

  4. Is this Picture in Sapia Tone? THat said it is Lovely, and she had large eyes.


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