Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mad Rant: Australia, Agendas and Polls

Today is Australia Day in the Commonwealth Down Under and this comes on the heels of what looks to have been a very successful informal visit by HRH Prince William of Wales, God-willing the future King of Australia. One way the success of the visit can be gauged is by the amount of whining coming from the republican traitors. You would think that I, your humble blogger, would be all smiles about this right? Of course not! Certainly I am glad the visit went off without a hitch and seems to be successful, but as to the overall situation I am still mad enough to chew pig iron and spit ten penny nails. Hence, we move into the realm of a monarchist ‘agenda’.

I was asked about this recently by a subscriber; what sort of general agenda should monarchists have; the one asking me being one of those rarest of breeds: an American monarchist. I replied that as monarchy is a non-issue in the US I think the immediate focus should be simply on getting Americans to understand that monarchy is nothing to be afraid of and at least not opposing monarchy. That would make it easier for individuals to support monarchist causes elsewhere as, let us be honest, the US, the “Great Republic” is never going to do that.

For those countries that are or were monarchies (the vast majority of the world) I reiterated my belief that no monarchist anywhere can afford to be complacent. Priority one should be shoring up support for those monarchies that survive and then pushing for the restoration of those that have fallen. Now, here is where I start to boil over. I am often infuriated by those faithless complacent ones of little vision who think that *their* monarchy is safe and therefore they can rest easy. Do NOT believe it! Now, I’m sure someone out there is thinking the madness of this monarchist is boiling over again since there are a number of monarchies, even in very liberal countries like Denmark, Holland or Sweden, where the monarch is approved of by very large majorities and no widespread republican movement exists. Do not be fooled by the pretty pictures my friends.

I will not rest easy until we get to a point where there are no longer ANY opinion polls on the monarchy at all. I want to get back to that place where the monarchy is considered such a solid, permanent and unmovable part of society that no one would even consider asking the people whether they think they should keep it or not! There should be no place for an opinion poll on the monarchy itself; it is the foundation of the country. Now, here is where the earlier mention of America comes into play. I would say 99.9% of Americans agree that republicanism is best, the US Constitution is the best and would never dream of changing it. No one could even imagine the USA becoming a monarchy. I want to see monarchies that are that safe and secure. Think about it; have you ever seen an opinion poll taken among Americans asking whether or not the US Constitution should be scrapped for a new model? No, it would be unthinkable because the Constitution is the foundation of the entire American government and way of life. The same should be true in the kingdoms and principalities of the world wherein the monarchy is that same foundation.

I don't mean to say that we cannot try to judge the mood of the public on any subject, but it is the mentality that I have a problem with. As stated before, I don't think any monarchy should be subject to an opinion poll; it is as absurd as asking people if they would favor taking away the divinity of God. Some things are or at least should be beyond the reach of popular opinion. That is why I have the agenda, so to speak that I do, and that is why I remain ... The Mad Monarchist.


  1. Alas! We live in a time of Popular Opinion, and thus even who becomes a Pop Singer is decided by Vote. ( American Idol.)

    Votign is so ingrained in our minds we just asusme everyhtgn is made better by it. Never mind that this mentality has lead to the breakup of Empires and peopels accross the globe...

  2. It is also rarely truly representative as it reflects only popular opinion at a single point in time, but that's an opinion poll for you; nothing like basing major national decisions on the split-second impressions of the uninformed.

  3. Though I am loathe to engage in reductio ad Hitler, I do feel obliged to point out that Hitler was very popular in Germany, and was elected at the head of the largest party in the Reichstag in 1933 (though he was shy of a majority). Not to mention Mussolini had a great deal of popular support (enough to scare the King into giving him all the powers he wanted), Stalin and Lenin had personality cults, and Mao Tse Tung, in spite of his barbarity, is still considered quite favourably among the Chinese (and the Communists aren't facing much unrest, except from those who have legitimate grievances which the government usually does try to resolve. Yes, might as well give credit where it's due).

    Then again, among the Russians, the Romanov martyrs are being venerated, and an active interest in the monarchy does appear to be coalescing in the Great White Land. Murmurs of restoration speak to this, and the Church's veneration of them as martyrs, and the retrieval of their bodies, has led many to reevaluate the brutality the supposedly inflicted.

    Though Lenin and Stalin are held up as great heroes, their time will ultimately pass. Alexander II is still the Tsar-Liberator, and Peter the Great, Catherine, Elizabeth, and many more provide colourful and wonderfully varied personalities (not to mention they grace much nicer portraits).

    Mayhap we in th West might pick up on this, and accept that there are those who are better than we are (for such is the natural state of the world).

  4. I do not think that American monarchists are that rare, in comparison with other countries when you take out the "status quo" factor. Whether one supports monarchy on principle and whether one thinks that one's republic should become a monarchy are two different questions. At any rate, I don't think that democracies last long. So, when they destroy themselves with their own contraditions and suicidal tendencies, then upon the ashes, we can rebuild using older foundations.

    An American monarchist

  5. Joseph, their are a lot of American Monarchists, but also many, many more who aren't. I wul wager that the total population of Monarchists in America (who are by Birth Amercan, from American Parents) would be very low, less than 5%.

    On that note, I happen to beleive America and all Nations woudl be better off as Monarchies, with only a few exceptions possible. One such being Israel which should wait or Messiah to be true to their Jewish Charecter. ( I am a Chrisian, and beleive them mistaken, except for Messianic Jews, But also beleive people should live under their own Convictions.)

    I also think 1776 was a mistake and the entue notin of Modern Nation-States is daft. Our modernist, Democracy oriented society is suppose to make us both free and united, but it has divided more nations and mroe Empires than anythign else along sectarian lines.

    I woudl prefer America to simply go back under the Britanic Crown as Canada does and if I could go further, I woudl liek to re-establish the mpire, though with sme modification.

    Still, if that is not included, let America join the Comonwealth, and strenfthen it into a sort of cnfederation.

    Thats my take.


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