Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Latest from Mother Russia

The office of the Romanov Imperial Family have stated, through an interview with a family spokesman, the requirements they have for returning to Russia, which are essentially granting a legal residence and the rehabilitation of the Romanov family name. Interestingly enough HIH the Grand Duchess is not pressing for the restoration of the Romanov family properties confiscated by the state. The statement indicated they may accept compensation for the extensive properities but would not take the actual properties back even if offered. This would include extensive tracts of land, numerous houses and palaces of historical and cultural importance. However, on the second score, HIH has filed a legal claim with the Russian authorities calling on them to rehabilitate in law the name of the Romanovs, particularly of course, HIM Tsar Nicholas II, saint and martyr. The Grand Duchess has stated that this is a matter of principle and of justice and she attaches the greatest importance to it. Also, yesterday Grand Duke George Mikhailovich arrived in Moscow for an official visit which include a number of activities but mostly centered around the enthronement of the Patriarch Kiril.


  1. I wonder why they don't demand at leasts ome of the poperty back.

    That said, I do hope that the Romanov's are Restored to their proper place as a Royal Family, and the head o the Family made Tzar. It would finally end the legacy of the Communists, who brought nothing but misury to not only Russia, nor the nations of the Former Soviet Union, but the world.

  2. I think the reasons they wouldn't want the properties back would be the phenomenal cost that would be required to maintain the palaces, the outcry that might follow should such venues be declared private instead of public (not that it would necessarily mean that they would be closed to the public - I'm talking about perception here), and in some cases, that land may very well have been sold off to other private interests. In short, they say 'We'll take the money and start over ourselves'.

    I get the feeling that, were a restoration to happen, the official palaces would probably be loaned in an arrangement not unlike the Civil List of the United Kingdom (in addition to private holdings by the Imperial Family).

  3. I was a little surprised that none would try to be recovered, but I agree with the proposed reasons behind it. It would not have played well with public opinion and (much as I would have liked to see it) probably wouldn't be practical. Can anyone imagine what the upkeep costs would be for the winter palace at St Petersburg alone? If, God willing, a restoration happens I would presume that some sort of trust could be worked out so that the traditional palaces could be used in some way again.

    Still, I would also take this opportunity to warn monarchists (and I take flak on this issue sometimes) even if there was a Romanov restoration, the history of the USSR cannot be erased, traces will remain and monarchists might not always be happy with certain things but we should focus on the ultimate prize.


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