Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anniversary of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Today in 1972 Margrethe Alexandrine Porhildur Ingrid of the Royal House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg became Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; sovereign of the oldest monarchy in Europe and the first female Danish sovereign to come to the throne after changes were made to the Act of Succession. Today she is easily one of the most popular monarchs in the world, beloved by her own people and widely respected abroad. As a lover of all very old things I've always had a soft spot for Denmark and I have a great deal of admiration for Queen Margrethe II in particular. In an age when reigning constitutional monarchs are expected to be seen and not heard she has not hesitated to speak her mind, even on controversial subjects. In a Europe dominated by the tyranny of the "politically correct" the Queen of Denmark is a fur-wearing, chain smoking monarch who has even dared to raise some warnings about the embrace of multi-culturalism in Europe. She is also a humanitarian, a gifted artist and an attentive wife and mother. She is an example to others and the Danish people are fortunate to have her. The Mad Monarchist wishes Her Majesty all the best on the anniversary of her accession and hopes that she will continue to reign for many more years to come.


  1. Didn't Queen Margrethe do some illustrations for 'The Lord of the Rings'?

  2. I think so, at least I remember hearing something about her working on the Danish translation of the book and I would assume with her background that would mean doing the illustrations.

  3. Queen Margarethe: fur-wearing, smoking, politically incorrect, with reservations about Third World immigrants ... and still respected. If the House of Windsor really wants to survive (I desperately hope it does but I doubt it) then perhaps it might take heed of the Danish example, instead of simply administering the Blair-Brown-Cameron brand of PC slop, and being a sort of Rodney Dangerfield monarchy: "One doesn't get no respect."

    Britain's defamation laws are, on paper, quite ferocious. Members of the Windsor dynasty should use them. A solitary prosecution for libel of a Rupert-Murdoch-hired tabloid filth-merchant would do more to improve the chances of monarchism for Britain than any among of "image" "rebranding".

  4. Britains current cultural decline is larlgey shaped by the influnce of her Eldest andmost rbellious Daughter, America. It was America who told Brittain to shed her Empire, and to Emrbace modernity, and America also told Britain that it was in Her Best Interest to Merge with Europe, which britain had not done since the days before Empire.

    America also fostered political sentiments Favouring Democratic rule in Britain and the rest of the world, in the thoguht hat the heole planet shoudl be exaclty liek the USA. Of ccourse the Soviets did the sme and this didnt help, and bopth infiltraed Academia ( Hence hwy most of Higher Educaiton si now dominated by Socialists. The Commies did this trick better tha the States.).

    Britain as it is now has turned her Back on her traditions, culture, and values in faovur of the elusive Modern Progressive ideal that no oen can articulate beyind castign aside the Old and all that men have held dear, whilst emrbacing a fully Democratic world.

    Of course, BRiain had suffered the politicla malaise already, and this is Captured Perfeclty n Rudyard Kiplings "Ulster 1912" poem.

    But, this too was partly due to Americas increasign infleunce in britaina nd aroudn the GLobe. Americanism won out in the 20th Century.


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